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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-19
【 Cosmetics processing] Milk after water first, let your skin to the detonation < p > 2017 - 03 - 21 13:45:00 < / p > general way of skin care in our daily life are water before. But now, the first milk after the water has been on a lot of people had begun. Simple is after cleansing with emulsion and water first. Many people will feel very strange flower, is very novel, but this will make the skin absorb better, now let's see how a method of use. So what is the principle of emulsion water first? Skin care experts say: most of the brands with milk after besmear water first, mainly because of milk molecules is large, plus there are oil, is used to lock moisture before make up water. And milk after the water first is after the clean skin, use lotion to soften skin, can ensure that after using the toner is absorbed more fully and effectively. Emulsion molecules is very small, but this is a must not stand in the way of subsequent water absorption. Emulsion play is & other; Digging & throughout; The role of, not & other; Coverage & throughout; The role of. This simple metaphor we should be able to see. So what are the benefits of milk after water first? 1, emulsion with cosmetic cotton, can clean off surface waste cutin, regulate and soften dry skin cutin. 2, enhance skin penetration, is conducive to the follow-up lotion and essence of the absorption of skin care products. 3, milk before water can regulate the water oil balance of skin, make skin moist elastic, achieve long-lasting moisturizing. 4, emulsion composition is moderate, can relieve sensitive skin, relieve dry caused by tickling.
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