Method to eliminate small blain to imprint

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-01
Acne and pimples, acne, youth, most people grow blain and long blain blain to imprint left over and over again. Many people find themselves have been tortured, blain blain on his forehead, cheeks, chin and even back, very painful. Light to see a treasure to sell so many acne removing products, and a lot of sales is good, you know how many people have been beset by acne. Grow blain on the face how to recuperate? Cause of acne is varied, today small make up with his experience to discuss how to overcome the blain blain self regulate. Colleagues of tool material is: you need confidence and persistence, choose to suit their own acne removing products. 1, adjust their own state of mind to accept the fact of long blain blain on your face, don't pull a long face in the mirror every day. Some long blain blain is work or study pressure is too great. Put down pressure, long blain blain is also a kind of life experience, firmly believe that as long as the patient, will slowly getting better and better. 2, face wash my face wash for two to three times a day, more is not good. In the morning, sleep twice at night. When in company, I will wash at noon. Suggested that oily skin wash a face with wen shui, normal skin wash a face with cold water, of course is according to personal habits at ordinary times, I am oily skin, but still often use cold water to wash, but not in the winter. Note: face time not too short, must be in the evening makeup wash 3 change pillow and pillow towel, frequently contact so long time every day to rest and pillow, the pillow towel facial contact and pillows must be clean. Pillow towel had better take a bath once a week, the pillow to often take out to bask in the sun, prevent bacterial growth. 4, do not use hand to squeeze blain blain that many people know that it is difficult but insist on down. Do not use hand blain blain, squeeze blain blain with the hand, otherwise it will let blain blain come into contact with bacteria, may be left gray mark on his face. Also had better not use hand touch your face, reduce the chance of exposure to germs. 5, reasonable water supplement water is of great benefit to skin and remove acne. Every day morning drink a cup of warm water. Don't forget to drink water to work, sit for a long time. Don't always drink, drink plain boiled water more. 6, maintain enough sleep is grow blain blain often stay up late, to have experience greatly, said more are tears. Early to bed and early to rise, the body good, help remove acne. 7 healthy diet, and eat more fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin, the skin is very long. Eat less chili, eat chili is long blain blain ah, please ignore those who eat chili is not long blain blain. Drink soup 8, choose a facial cleanser feeling so many brands of facial cleanser on the market is not very big difference, choose a, had better be used every time when washing a face, it can deeply clean the skin. Well, the above content is small make up with his own experience sharing, hope useful for everyone. Whether it is caused by what, be confident, blain blain is bound to eliminate slowly.
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