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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-08
Medical hairdressing decoration must be audited < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:05 < / p> the reporter learns yesterday from xian city health bureau, the city's cosmetic mogul consolidation is about to begin, all without audit institutions and personnel shall not be engaged in medical hairdressing, health decoration activities, will be investigated in accordance with the law. Tattoo eyeline, Wen Chun, text eyeliner is widely used for modern hairdressing technology, due to the process of human body have a slight trauma, traumatic, invasive and not taken, lax or disinfection, improper operation, easy to traumatic scar formation, infectious diseases, allergic reactions, etc. , according to the particularity of decoration technology, the state ministry of health issued 'medical beauty services management method', the ACTS listed in the category of medical hairdressing. Therefore, within the jurisdiction of xian city health bureau has been to xi 'an cosmetic physicians, the attending physician, nurse training examination, recent health supervision and law enforcement personnel will be organized to carry out the city's cosmetic mogul rectification, without examination and approval by the administrative department of health institutions and personnel shall not be engaged in cosmetic, medical decoration activities, will be investigated in accordance with the law in accordance with relevant regulations. Source: Oriental cosmetics manufacturer net
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