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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-08
Medical beauty with equipment to strengthen regulation < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:23 < / p> medical hairdressing consumption group increased year by year, the medical cosmetology organization development rapidly, the cosmetic industry of medical apparatus and instruments regulation is imminent. Medical beauty industry at present, the use of medical equipment for the most part belongs to the 'regulations on the supervision and administration of medical devices regulation of two, three types of medical equipment. Implanted in the body of the vast majority, such as subcutaneous soft tissue implants, silicone rubber and maxillofacial orthopedic implants, artificial breast implants, silicone nasal prosthesis, facial prostheses, filling emulsion, etc. , these three kinds of medical apparatus and instruments. In addition, there are laser eyebrow washing machine, all kinds of apparatus and other large equipment ( Class ii medical devices) 。 To know the market situation, the food and drug administration in chongqing wanzhou district branch within the jurisdiction area of about 11 before involving medical beauty industry of normal usage of medical institutions of medical equipment products inspection, found that one-third of medical cosmetology organization problems. Outstanding displays in: the employees lack of professional knowledge, some people do not have medical hairdressing qualifications; Purchase channels is not formal procedure is not complete; Management chaos, ensuring product quality, etc. First, the lack of relevant knowledge. Inspection found that most of the practitioners concept of medical devices and related laws and regulations do not understand, more do not know the cosmetic medical products used, belongs to the category of medical equipment management, equipment for two, three types of medical equipment concept is unknown, exist in the management attaches great importance to the life and beauty products ( If wash skin care products) Quality, ignore the medical equipment product quality problem; On the product related information collection, qualification of life and beauty products and related data collection is comprehensive, and the equipment used product vendor qualification ( Such as medical device manufacturing enterprise license) And product qualification ( Such as product registration certificate, etc. ) The related data is a blank; On the propaganda, only use the product, cosmetic effect produced by the publicity, and to cause adverse reactions after use and matters needing attention are introduced. Second, the supply channels exist serious problems. Inspection, found that there are quite a number of medical equipment products is practitioners to attend training from the cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer when the salesman's direct purchase, when buy did not ask for the cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer of the qualification certificates and product registration and other relevant information, purchase of medical equipment products include part of the import registration of import products without state approval, the source of the product and quality unverifiable. Third, from personnel qualification. Inspection found that there are quite a few practitioners ( If the attending physician) Without formal medical professional training, and no relevant qualification certificates. Some just learned medical, while no medical cosmetology professional knowledge; Some only obtained the practicing doctors' qualifications certificate, but the lack of medical hairdressing clinical practice experience; And some even just participated in short-term training courses such as manufacturers. It also makes the medical accidents caused by medical cosmetology increasing complaints. The above problems are listed in potential harm to consumers. To this, the expert thinks, should strengthen the guidance of medical apparatus and instruments used in cosmetic industry products and specifications, the relevant departments to strengthen the medical cosmetology workers, professional training, qualification of medical beauty industry professionals strict scrutiny, to improve the industry access standards of technology, institutions and practitioners to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. In addition, the departments concerned to deal with the manufacturer through holding medical hairdressing training behavior to strengthen the supervision of the field sales devices. Source: China medical news
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