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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-17
On May 1, boarding ban super one litre of perfume and cosmetics manufacturer limited toothpaste are < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:24:33 < / p> < p> the perfume, toothpaste have limited < / p> < p> the capital airport relevant controller introduces, the items are restricted mainly for liquid, gel and spray liquid products. Like mineral water, beverage, syrup and liquid drinks. At the same time, the lady with the cream, lotion, cream, perfume, incense body spray, styling mousse, gel cream cosmetics manufacturer, men with shaving foam were limited in the column, daily use of toothpaste and contact lens solution also in this category. In addition, is any consistency similar solution and item must be check. < / P> < P> 'with the above features in the items on international and regional flights of passengers should be the items filled in capacity of less than 100 ml container, and must be placed in a 20 cm x 20 cm maximum capacity of one litre, repeatable seal of the transparent plastic bag. 'Said the director, and every time per passenger allowed to carry only one transparent plastic bag, generally a 1 litre plastic bags can be placed only five container capacity of 100 ml. < / P> < P> beyond part must be checked, or at security to give up. < / P> < P> how to deal with 1 liter bottle spare bags < / P> < P> due to the five together to implement the new standards, security inspection speed may be affected. At present, the capital airport has been set up in front of the international security screeners baggage sorting machines, passengers before the security check, to be filled liquid, gel and spray liquid products one litre of the transparent plastic bag separate from hand luggage inspection. < / P> < P> the capital airport, said the early, the airport will be some one litre of transparent plastic bags for passengers. Specific requirements for < / P> < P> s < / P> < P> carrying drugs must have a prescription < / P> < P> it is understood that if the passengers carrying liquid, gel and spray liquid drugs, must be accompanied by a doctor prescription waiver or hospital, while the number of drugs will be subject to passengers on the plane needs, and with no requirement for containers and plastic bags. Similarly, carrying liquid drug also must separate inspection, and to the security personnel present certificate. If without a prescription to buy drugs, according to the rules in a 100 ml container, and packed in 1 liter carried with the transparent plastic bag. < / P> < P> in addition, for people with diabetes can carry enough insulin preparations and with hypodermic needles, but need to show proof of medical treatment. < / P>
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