Masks to wear much into 'face masks'? Special period with He/She

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-11
Dear friends all slowly return to work the

in addition to the mask to wear good

skin care natural cannot little

work will wear a face mask

your skin ready?

long hours every day wearing a mask

although there is no contact with the outside world has found that the skin becomes more and more poor

accidentally became 'face masks'

long-term wearing a mask to the skin becomes poor

but the outbreak of the current safety first out

work must insist on wearing a mask!

face 'face masks'

what should we do the skin?

why wearing masks prone to skin problems?

hot, airtight is a major cause of bacterial skin infections. Long-term wearing masks and exhale in the nasal cavity to moisture, the droplets, will be around the mouth and nose to form local warm damp environment. On the one hand, can damage the skin barrier, particularly with the skin by rubbing parts; Promote the adsorption on the mask, on the other hand, some of the growth of bacteria breeding, easy to cause skin problems such as inflammation and infection.

wearing a mask which skin problems will appear?

1, the barrier is damaged, causing inflammation

masks because it would be stuffy airtight skin, especially bind type mask, will cause certain friction and extrusion to face, make the skin barrier is broken, after a period of time, facial skin will become dry, red, rough, even can cause inflammation, accelerate the pace of skin aging.

2, long blain blain, acne

once damaged skin barrier, pore is easy to cannot fall off the old cutin of congestion, and will be broken the water oil balance of skin, sebaceous gland hyperactivity, the secretion of grease, it will grow blain blain, acne, etc.

3, unreal wrinkles

because of the mask squeeze and airtight, the cycle of skin cells easily, easily in the dry state, and form a pseudo wrinkles, at this point, if not timely repair skin, the unreal wrinkles are irreversible, easy to turn into a real wrinkles!

special period with TA's right

wearing a mask can cause so many skin problems, become 'masks face'? Pay attention to the moisturizing and repairing facial, use some anti-allergic soothing repair product, in the skin after a whole day's pollution, unload the mask at the same time, with a piece of 'marshmallow mask' is a step in the right!

marshmallow - — Historically, so-called natural healing ace

: in ancient Greece used in trauma care

China: children ass red, apply stamp on the red part can timely anti-inflammatory check swollen

Europe during the middle ages, it was found that wipe on it also become soft and smooth skin after

XJ Beauty marshmallow mask using advanced modern technology, the preservation of natural, organic, green, health, can soften cutin and repair the water oil balance, effectively relieve calm skin cells, can one day wearing a mask, will adhere to the pollution particles adsorption on the skin, effectively seize the adherent residual pollution particles in the skin, apply the 15 ~ 20 minutes, the contaminant particles are easily removed. The most important thing is: can stimulate the skin natural moisturizing mechanism to enhance the skin barrier function, let you fear 'masks face'!

( Apply after shooting)

as the outbreak has been more and more good news for spring flowers

we can cross the difficulties

wearing a mask, do skin care

marshmallow mask

let you outbreaks in the past to get rid of the mask

after the appearance level still online

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