Mask processing | science time: 'the mask of open the right way'

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-22
Mask has become a daily beauty &skin care consumables, is essential, for girls, the rice can not eat, mask to apply! When we apply face film! Then the mask processing factory to take science 'mask to open the right way' to let you in the process of apply face film become more beauty more beautiful!

how to choose suits own mask? Become a problem a lot of girls all want to know, you know, not all the reputation of the product for you, mask or want to choose according to their own skin!

1。 Skin: skin water shortage dark heavy, easy to long blain

apply face film: anti-inflammatory or whitening ingredients keep wet noodle film

choose reason: blain blain skin often ignore hydrating, actually this is just like body inflammation to drink water more, blain blain to need more moisture, hydrating mask perfect have anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, many beautiful white composition also contains anti-inflammatory properties that so you can also type whitening and moisturizing facial mask.

2。 Skin condition: always without oil on the face, skin is dry all the year round

apply face film: essence is strong enough nourishing facial mask

choose reason: lack of grease, dry skin, some of them are natural dry skin, some because of age caused by the lack of grease, you can try the essence concentration is thick enough moisturizing mask, protect a skin make full absorption, immediately give luster from within, wash after don't forget to use moisturizing creams to save water.

3。 Skin condition: winter is still out of oil, oil in summer exuberant

apply face film, fresh and simple hydrating mask

choose reason: oily skin suit to extract texture and relaxed a bit flaky hydrating mask, oily skin love oil when the weather is hot, you can put the mask in a refrigerator, low temperature can inhibit the excess grease, at the same time can shrink pores.

4。 Skin condition: dry and sensitive skin, the skin will itch

apply face film, lock water and toning pack

choose reason: dry and sensitive skin, the skin is not a lack of oil, but it still won't lock the water, because the moisture barrier of ceramide deficiency, help lock water moisturizing facial mask, and repair the facial mask is more suitable for you.

5, skin condition: seasonal sensitive skin

apply face film: moderate restoration of facial mask

choose reason: seasonal sensitive skin, at the time of change garments according to the corneous layer less healthy cause you lack of resistance, any situation will quickly exposure of the skin. Only strengthen the maintenance and repair of cuticle, make the skin back to health.

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