Mask of the OEM market, what is face film market a few big characteristics?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-22
Now all kinds of mask is favored by consumers, under the background of the fast pace of modern life, urban women tend to be more direct style of cleansing and moisturizing. And many women do not understand their own skin, also to choose good security, without excitant, comprehensive effect, wide usability patch type facial mask. In recent years, on a global scale, the mask OEM market has developed into a mature, stable growth in the market, appear constantly and rapidly emerging new brand, a well-known brand and strength of enterprises continuously intensified the competition. In many products, there is the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, aromatherapy essential oil and acupoint penetration as product concept of the strong point, the publicity of 'pure extraction to raise colour the law', has played the efficacy of Tibetan domain characteristics, a natural living bacterium yeast. Left-handed C, there are also driven by enterprise original brand. Throughout the film of face of the market, the product is a very important competitive factors, and aggressive advertising the main differences between the high-quality goods. Through the analysis of beauty mask OEM factory, it is not difficult to find the mask market has the following characteristics: 1. Mask habitual daily skin care products, can often consumption, market share, competition is intense; And people of different age groups can use mask, has widely and convenience; 2. Both of national brand has not yet appeared, nearly two years less advertising varieties; 3. Each product difference is not obvious, is mask, concept no breakthrough; 4. Consumers in the ingredients. Mechanism is concerned, it is also an important factor of choose and buy; 5. Depend on the guide terminal, channels of fierce competition, price competition heats up; 6. Some consumers trust the brand, brand spread by word of mouth, has the part of consumers. 7. Need to focus on creating the mask OEM brand in the Chinese market has a considerable market situation, there is a big development space, cosmetics manufacturer co-packer are now seize the opportunity, in order to meet the needs of the consumers produce distinctive mask, raising demand.
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