Mask OEM generation of processing: do you know when is the best time to apply face film?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-22
As brands of facial mask, facial mask OEM generation of processing manufacturers, must want to getting to know the needs of the users of the mask, and all aspects of detailed information!

many girls love the shower in the evening when apply face film, due to the effect of hot water, this time the skin pores are opened, so this time apply face film can function better, can promote the absorption of face film, in addition to this moment, do you know when is the best time to apply face film?

1, the night before sleeping is the best time to do face film

after the shower in the evening about nine o 'clock you can start to make the facial mask, relax skin pores open at this time, you can more fully absorbs the nutrition of face film, of course, after washing a face to face steaming again apply, effect is the same.

2, period after the first week of double effect of facial

is there such a feeling: physiological period, look good, good skin, protect skin to taste the effect is obvious. This is because the menstrual period after the first week of follicular phase, the period of the skin to absorb the best, use high concentrations of skin care products, such as masks, essence and harvest more nutrition, make skin fine and good.

3, sleep mask not sleep mask

why do you say so? There is an error, it is the people think that sleep mask is to apply the mask to sleep directly, also need not to wash the face, just imagine, in the evening the pores to metabolism, mask the pores are blocked, how can breathe fresh air, but also easy to grow adipose bead. Wash the face after the best practical sleep mask.

but that apply face film role actually will be discounted. Because at high temperature of the bath, facial mask essence may follow the steam of transpiration, eventually to the skin will absorb less. To apply face film every day? Certainly will not be able to.

will be so good, so the mask market heat has been continuously in the market, sales, as the brands of facial mask, if you want to better expand market share, XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer OEM one-stop service enterprises, to be able to help you make the best mask!

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