Mask and other cosmetics OEM production cost

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-01
Within the production cost of packing material cost and material cost are quite big, apart decision-making costs the most critical elements of quality packaging materials and minimum quantity, price and material function and the minimum quantity, differentiation of goods: mask generally protect skin to taste, daily skin care essential goods, consumable mask for high frequency time, mask design is also many, key processing problem what hydrating, demand, its action also is many, generally have beautiful white skin moisturizing, containment, convergence pores, tighten skin, sunburnt repair mask these, the style of the mask is the difference, patch type mask, mud film, tear type mask mask, soft membrane powder, crystal jelly mask, day cream mask, mask with universal patch type, for example, contract manufacturing general minimum quantity 4 - 5000 piece, many factory minimum quantity is 3 - 50000 pieces, large factory not only considering the minimum quantity to also want to see the famous brand production and processing the overall strength, can make the goods can not be made for the specification, knock on order quantity is not easy to about 50000 pieces to 100000 pieces is too high, middle and later return to a single minimum quantity will have certain provisions, in the price of material is a lot of related role in secret, OEM mask hydrating 20 - basic price 40 yuan/kg, 50 - high quality function type 80 yuan/kg, 100 yuan of the mask inside material is high-grade. Material price in the 30 - sleep mask RMB 80 / kg is differ, dominant role for customer regulations. About the mask packaging materials, aluminum foil bags of face minimum specified amount in 30000, 10000 unilateral membrane bag factory will be the price is very high, the mask need to see style, tencel membrane, microbial chemical fiber cloth, mulberry silk membrane cloth mask difference is quite big, ten thousand minimum, prices at 0. 2 - 0. 5 yuan differ, color box minimum quantity regulation is not too high, 1000 boxes of many factories, 3 - commonly Prices for 5000, color box 1 - price 2 pieces, harm price amount of key elements and design and processing technology. Moisturizing hydrating mask price convert a 1 - price 2 yuan/piece + = aluminum bag + mask cloth color box / 5 + assemble fee + canned cost function sex mask convert a 1 - price 2 yuan/piece + = aluminum bag + mask cloth color box / 5 + assemble fee + canned cost ( Note name: some face film is well worth three cents, it was all about the total number is relatively large, the price is in accordance with the minimum of minimum quantity calculation, there is no large amount of pressure is very low purchase price are discussed. ) Cleanser facial cleanser, cleansing cream universal clean facial skin care products, commodity prices are generally cheaper, sales general cleaning products on the market have a wash a face cleanser, cleansing cream, plastic foam, cleansing gel, clean colour powder, pure YanDou, cleansing mousse, role into the whitening skin, accusing oil filling water, convergence pores, remove the black head, the first step for skin care, with good effect, in fact, the actual effect is not ideal, customers are becoming more and more to understand, too much boost cleanser has a variety of effect, the goods don't have to reinvent the wheel in the opposite direction, do a good job in clean soft. Manufacturer for cleanser in terms of production and processing, minimum quantity slightly higher than day cream, small factory 50 kg to 100 kg, large and medium-sized agent processing more than 500 kg, cleansing milk, 100 g, 120 g 1 kg can be canned ten bottles, 100 kg is 1000 bottles, the amount actually very low. Cleanser = inside material + plastic hose, color box structure is very simple, in the price of material in accordance with the different type cleanser price difference, price is not too expensive, amino acid cleanser 60 yuan, price of 30 yuan soap scrub up and down, mousse class is also very affordable 3 - 40 yuan, plastic hose 1 yuan 2 yuan differ, the key is general or acrylic acrylic bottles of bottles and 1 yuan, glass bottle is multilayer solid color a little difference, single product production and processing price 8 yuan fluctuation was pretty good goods.
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