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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-02-25
Male cosmetics processing has risen, don't you catch it quickly? Everyone has a heart of love for 'beauty'. Now the pursuit of beauty is not only for women. Although the main force of the cosmetics market is still dominated by women, the male cosmetics market is also rapidly rising, more and more cosmetic processing factories launch male Series of cosmetics, and the male cosmetics market will also hold up a day. What is the demand for cosmetics for men? According to the survey data in 2017, the potential of male cosmetics market is 'bursting'. The gap between male and female cosmetics consumption has dropped from 266 yuan to 137 yuan. The average annual growth rate of Chinese male cosmetics consumption will reach 13. 5%. A survey of 6500 men in 21 cities across the country showed that 22% of men said they would buy and know how to use cosmetics, 44% of men said they did not know makeup but were interested in it. Xj beauty cosmetics processing one-stop service to see the face of the era, what is the role of high value? 'The era of looking at faces' is not only a description of women. Most women look at men, but also take the appearance of men as their first impression. On the screen, those male stars with high appearance will have a large group of fans to follow, no matter whether they really have performance strength or singing skills. Nowadays, young men and women like 'fresh meat' like Lu Han, Wu Yifan, Cai Xukun and so on, not only because of their beautiful facial features, but also because of their flawless skin and delicate makeup, in order to maintain this state, these stars will spend a lot of effort on skin care in private. In the future, the common female aesthetics will be transferred from the muscular man with strong body to the exquisite 'fresh meat '. Therefore, more and more young men are feeling the pressure of face value and realize that in this era of looking at faces, men's skin care and makeup are already imperative. Many big cosmetics brands have begun to devote themselves to expanding the research and development and production of male cosmetics, looking for young male artists to endorse products, enhancing the young groups' awareness of skin care and beauty, and promoting the market trend of male cosmetics. The development and opportunities of male cosmetics although the male cosmetics market is growing rapidly now, male cosmetics are still very lack of product refinement, and male cosmetics have less classification and selectivity, most male cosmetics tend to be comprehensive in efficacy. Facing different skin problems of men, there is not much subdivision of cosmetic product classification, which is in the primary stage of development and the market is also in a state of insufficient competition. Compared with the multimodal diversity of female cosmetics, male cosmetics are in a big weak position. This is more conducive to the entry of new male cosmetics brands into the male cosmetics market and creates unlimited opportunities for new male cosmetics brands. Xj beauty helps thousands of brands to be listed successfully Guangzhou xj beauty cosmetics processing factory, national high-tech enterprise, teaching base of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, it already has a cosmetic production license, a business license and a pollution discharge certificate stipulated by the state. Xj beauty adheres to the concept of 'quality first, safety and effectiveness, scientific and technological innovation' and produces high-quality cosmetics for customers. The company provides one-stop service from customers' trademark registration, product positioning, packaging design, product filing, formula proofing, product inspection, product filling, packaging, finished product shipment and logistics delivery, let Customers worry, save time and labor, and easily own their own cosmetics brands. Xj beauty can do much more than this, hoping to create cosmetics brands with more ambitious people. The products xj beauty can give absolutely meet expectations.
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