Makeup will don't care about these details skin aging faster oh

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-14
For some natural and not very beauty, want to more refined beauty, rely on makeup to 'camouflage' is a very good idea. This problem comes, many people often complain that makeup 'did not dare go out without make-up, and if often make up the skin will be worse from day to day'. Showed deep sympathy for these small make up, however, why some people almost every day makeup, the skin is still tender xi? So is likely to be your makeup method is wrong! In fact, the makeup is the art of 'temper', if you can't pay attention to this a few things, how can have a good skin? Skin worse just strange? When making up, so be sure to pay attention to the following matters! 1, do not choose according to their own skin protect skin to taste all kinds of cosmetics is direct daub on face, some people wearing makeup for a long time, every day the cosmetics 'intimate contact' and their use for more than 10 hours, so not only match his skin cosmetics strong 'reject'. Therefore, must recognize their own skin, and then select the corresponding cosmetics manufacturer, among them, especially sensitive muscle, more to stay away from alcohol, high pigment composition of cosmetics manufacturer, sensitivity test before finalizing cosmetics manufacturer must do first. And is suitable for all ages of cosmetics are also different, so can't buy blindly. 2, the makeup of the brutal methods in foundation, BB cream, if you are always very hard to rub face, the pursuit of fast, malicious, although saves time, but the skin is 'abuse', in a slowly you somebody else but fragile skin, which can stand you so savage 'treat'. So, over time, skin flabby, no elastic problems such as natural produce, this don't blame yourself? 3, do not take the cosmetics health when making up, you will not let any one face small flaws, strive for perfection, but after the makeup, you have to care about your makeup tools? They can help you get the beautiful 'contributor'! Each use powder puff to robot to the robot on the face, will naturally infected with BuShaoZang things, if not clear in time, in the process of continue to use must be through the pores in the skin, so as to impair the health of the skin. So, both powder and all kinds of cosmetic brush please thoroughly clean regularly, should also be replaced when necessary. Skin care is a very serious matter, so for makeup, people are more treatment. Or you could only do a 'discharge makeup' pretenders. 【 Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics factory
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