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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-03
Some female biochemical makeup for years, but the most basic step is still a mistake. Mywood today to share with you once, daily makeup makeup roughly order! Some female biochemical makeup for years, but the most basic step is still a mistake. Mywood today to share with you once, daily makeup makeup roughly order! Makeup look into thick makeup makeup, some girls like to compare light makeup look. So the use of cosmetics is also actually face less! Eye shadow, eyeliner products, such as the basic will be ignored. Some girls like a little delicate makeup look, so use colour makeup face will be a lot more, like red cheek, grooming, highlights. 1. Skin care make-up before is a must to protect skin, protect skin to taste after use. Remember to daub on the skin is prevented bask in a product! Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen spray is fine. With sunscreen and three minutes and then make up well. So as not to appear to rub mud phenomenon! 2. The first step in the breast before makeup makeup is the breast before daub makeup, some girl must ask! Milk is a must before makeup? It is not a must, but still try to apply! The breast before makeup effect still pretty much, can amend color of skin, fade uneven tone, invisible pores, etc. You can choose according to their needs the breast before makeup, makeup before the color of milk and have a lot of kinds. 3. Powdery bottom air cushion, powdery cake, foundation, foundation cream, foundation rods, BB cream, CC cream, etc. In fact is a foundation! According to their skin and habits to choose pink, daub pink bottom, try to use cosmetic tools on oh. Eggs, sponge puff, beauty makeup makeup brush than use hand foundation more break. 4. Block defect actually block defect can use before powdery bottom, can also be used after the foundation! Block defect of color has a lot of, have green, purple, pink, skin color, orange, etc. Generally speaking, the color of cover to use before powdery bottom, color block defect can use before powdery bottom, can also be used after foundation! 5. Powder foundation and concealer daub, will give the face calm makeup. Can use powder with powder puff, also can use powder paint, T area where love oil can sweep a little more loose powder. 6. Thrush common method is the thrush, with eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder first draw an outline of the basic brows. Then with eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder filling coloring, finally evenly with eyebrow comb comb brow eyebrow color. Dye the hair girl, remember to use close to dye hair dye cream to eyebrow eyebrows, worry eyebrow makeup, can give eyebrow brush a layer of eyebrows after thrush raincoat! 7. Eye makeup to use eye shadow, eye shadow color sequence should be from shallow to deep. Eye shadow is gradient beauty, don't scribble! After that, eye shadow with good eyeliner! According to your own eyes and makeup styles to draw look line, is suitable for novice with eyeliner gel pen. Veteran with all can do! Liquid eyeliner, eyeliner, liquid eyeliner pen. 。 What conveniently with what. 8. Grooming grooming products paste, liquid, powder with powder novice better control! Grooming products in: daub on both sides of the bridge of the nose, cheek, hairline, etc. Will highlight products apply in: the bridge of the nose, cheekbones, brow position,. 9, the last is the slap on the cheek is red and lipstick. Above is the basic steps of makeup! We can according to your needs to do more beautiful, oh. If you want a small make up recommend suitable for your skin care cosmetics manufacturer, consult XJ Beauty website, for your age + + skin products! Customer service will help you to recommend oh!
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