Makeup cosmetics OEM processing: how to implement custom?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-11
In the past two years, discussion of private custom uninterrupted. XJ Beauty cosmetics OEM that millennials shopping has become more savvy, not easy to buy something, and personal customized products can more targeted to solve their problems. In March 2016, li keqiang, the prime minister at the press conference of the National People's Congress, at a regular press briefing will develop 'customization production' into the category of 'new economy', the new kinetic energy of its orientation for China's economic development. Customized, is can release more momentum. And in the cosmetics industry, try about private custom, the ancient has. Origin perfume in 1853, the French guerlain founder Mr Guerlain, met napoleon iii also ni queen, was shocked by her noble temperament and charm. In order to express their respect to the queen, guerlain Mr For the queen also ni, specially the famous EuaDeCologneImperiale water of emperors, which mixed with orange flower, bergamot, lemon, lavender and rosemary, implicative, elegant, delicate fragrance, was deeply loved by European also ni queen. Mr Guerlain and Europe also this time the cooperation of the two queen is considered to be 'beauty haute couture' the first successful case. Therefore, 'the water of the emperor' brought great glory to guerlain, get the highest honor the royal family. Since then, in succession to follow the pace of guerlain perfume brand, custom services to provide customers with perfume. So how to realize the custom? 1, powerful database. Private custom cosmetics, cosmetics generation processing that must be established on the basis of large quantities of data collection and accumulation to users. POLA customized, based on the data accumulated under the background of more than 20 years, lancome, shiseido skin test was founded with the support of large database, a large number of real users information collection, is the core of support private custom. In fact, the large database establishment, not only is the foundation of personal customization, but also the key of brand research consumer. 2, product customization, need more customized services. Customization mode, the brand is not only for the product customization, a greater degree, through understanding of customer preferences, eating habits of life, realize the customized service. Current beauty makeup market has shifted from the early dominated by price competition in the market environment, gradually to the customization, differences into oriented competition environment change, cosmetics factory think enterprise to obtain the user recognition, must use it to create value, in addition to products, experience and the service of individuation, exclusive is also essential. 3, the ratio of harsh environment. Relative to the production of cosmetics manufacturer, skin care products in the proportion of more stringent environmental requirements, the production process will be affected by any carelessness causes such as the total number of colonies overweight problem, so the custom cosmetics for processing, all need to strictly control the production. To achieve true customization is to achieve the same or even the same product category of 'one thousand', 'for each man nature must have exclusive custom formula, it may be in the face of cosmetics customization, each big enterprise's biggest challenge.
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