Makeup cosmetics OEM: how to distinguish true and false?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-09
As the market is cosmetics manufacturer OEM brand of quality raw materials, more sophisticated counterfeiters now, from the bottle to the product color and texture, ordinary consumers simply do not know the difference between true and false, it have to understand some resolution skills. Printing: if printing edge is not neat, imitation goods probability is larger. See workmanship: some cosmetics manufacturer such as face wash need extrusion products, such as the entire product if a well-filled, imitation goods probability is larger. like filling the air in the body, take the body is obviously made of inferior colloidal material. Stripes: paste body cosmetics generally relatively balanced stripe is clear, and the replicas are mixed. Smell: general authentic jade diet beauty protects skin to taste, taste is very small, very natural, elegant fragrance, so long, pure and fresh quietly elegant, give a person with relaxed and happy. Imitation goods more fragrance, incense, a kind of cheap perfume taste, this is a bigger risk of imitation goods. OEM 1, look at presence of gases. Microbes can produce all kinds of gas in the process of growth. 2, the turbidity degree. Liquid cosmetics in microbial breeding cosmetics turbidity is not clear. 3, see color. Nutrition classes or shampoo hair care cosmetics, with lighter color, mostly white, yellow, pink, light blue, etc. 4, see its consistency. Will unqualified emulsion cosmetics such as shake, cosmetics, for lack of viscosity and flow faster, open the bottle cap downward inclined to make a small amount of liquid flow, the flow of liquid drop shaped; The qualified cosmetics should be a fine line. 5, whether cream is thin. generally contain starch, protein and fat.
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