Make-up tip for the beginners

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-14
factory think to learn to draw a perfect makeup look, the bottom makeup is the most important! A thin bottom makeup and brighten the complexion, immediately to make you the whole people look better, as long as grasp the following several bottom makeup tips, even the novice, makeup can also supernatural! 1, buy the wrong foundation can be used to repair capacity foundation sent a color number would be far worse, when you buy the wrong, don't lose directly, light color can be the foundation for bright, dark liquid foundation can be used to draw the shadow, still work looks more natural than that of grooming powder! 2, powdery bottom is not the more thick, the block defect foundation on many girl should have a consciousness, is a bit more on can have the effect of block defect, although the foundation block defect degree is higher, but it's too thick makeup feeling, it's easy to let you like wearing a mask is not natural, it is better to light a layer of powdery bottom again in a few key parts with concealer. 3, don't try color many girls to cosmetics manufacturer counters in hand back color, are used directly in the back color, but in fact the hand skin color is not the same as face skin color, try color when recommendation for makeup can be tried in the gills online, and select the color between face and neck, makeup feeling will look more natural!
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