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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-02-22
If the quality of cosmetics is not up to standard, they will not be able to beautify and beautify the skin after use, but will also bring harm to the skin. Therefore, you must learn to test cosmetics before buying and using them. The quality of cosmetics can usually be identified from the following four aspects. Observe the color and observe whether its color has changed. Because bacteria produce pigment in the growth process, the original light color of cosmetics can become yellow and black. If the color is different, be careful. Smell the smell and see if it has other smells or odors. Because the growth of bacteria is accompanied by the fermentation process, it can decompose the organic matter in cosmetics, thus producing sour taste or other peculiar smell. It no longer smells as fragrant as it should, but disgusting sour taste and strange taste. Look at the thinness and observe if it becomes thinner. Because bacteria contain active enzymes that hydrolyze proteins and esters, they can decompose proteins and esters in cosmetics and destroy the original emulsifying state of cosmetics, thus releasing water contained in the emulsifying structure. In addition, cosmetics in a sterile state will be placed in a hot, cold place for a long time will also dilute the water (The reservoir, water separation). Observe the surface layer to see if there are mildew spots of various colors on its surface. This is because cosmetics are susceptible to mold pollution and mold, mold is most suitable for growth at a temperature of 24 ° C ~ 28 ° C, the relative temperature is greater than 70% of the environment. In any of the above cases, no matter whether it is advanced or cheap cosmetics, they should not be purchased to ensure that the skin is not harmed.
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