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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-02-22
For the cosmetics industry, the biggest problem currently facing is how to remove the inventory, because the phenomenon of stocking in the cosmetics industry is too obvious, therefore, what all cosmetics industries should do most now is how to 'remove production capacity' and 'remove Inventory '. How to de-stock, for the former cosmetics manufacturers, cosmetics agents, there are only two things to do, or to increase publicity, reduce discounts, and strive to sell goods. Either increase the intensity of production and press the goods. Recently, many cosmetics brands have begun to control the goods, which shows that everyone has begun to have this kind of destocking awareness, and this trend of destocking is gradually obvious. Under normal circumstances, the stronger the brand's appeal, the greater the pressure on the terminal, regardless of the agent or the store's pressure will be relatively large, but with the decline in sales, brands with inventory warning mechanism will carry out appropriate control of goods. Apart from some local cosmetics brands, some brands, including many foreign brands, have significantly reduced channel costs and investment this year. He thinks such an approach is very desirable. Because stopping may also be a strategy to change the market. Inventory management, data is more important, inventory turnover days refers to the total number of days that an enterprise has experienced from the beginning of product warehousing to sales. The fewer turnover days, the faster the inventory is realized, which can also show the level of the company in all aspects. Most of the agents' inventory cycle is an average annual turnover of 3-4 times, that is, 3-Turn around once every 4 months. According to the category, the inventory cycle of make-up is longer than that of skin care, facial mask and other categories. First, due to the long use time of make-up, the subdivision of make-up is more obvious. That is to say, all kinds of make-up are color-coded, some color numbers are easy to sell, and some color numbers are not easy to sell. Therefore, the phenomenon of stocking up is serious and the cycle time is longer. By brand, each brand also has different tasks and replenishment days. This requires agents to form an inventory management system by integrating a series of quantitative data such as stock days, sales volume in the same period, average turnover days and manufacturer tasks of each different brand to determine individual daily situations, you can also make adjustments quickly in the event of an emergency. With the continuous development of the Internet and e-commerce, the cosmetics industry has also begun to develop rapidly, but the problem of inventory is also emerging. There is still a long way to go to improve this situation.
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