Machinery name mask production process and the matters needing attention

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-17
Machinery type surgical mask, we usually say medical beauty mask should be referring to a kind of 'medical dressing', that is to say, medical mask actually counts as a 'medical devices', also known as 'medical ice stick'. Many also saw the market of medical mask, especially a lot of brands, the processing all want to own a surgical mask. But belongs to pharmaceutical factory production machinery shop name medical mask, the generation process is very different with cosmetics. Many customers are asked me the question: 'machinery size medical beauty mask what generation processing? 'Today Beauty makeup manufacturers XJ Beauty do a share with everybody: real machinery size medical mask or medical mask should be processing machinery shop name mask. From the perspective of laws and regulations; According to food drug safety 'medical devices supervision and administration of production method' stipulated in article 16: the client shall obtain commissioned for a production of medical equipment production license or medical device manufacturing for the record. That is to say, the client need related production license or a class of medical device manufacturing for the record. But many brands are not related to production, it is hard to do one for the record, and then how to find the processing machinery shop name mask processing plant for? Customers only need a trademark, authorized related with medical equipment production qualification of factory production, just above the packaging design has certain requirements. That is to say, you don't have the relevant production license or a production for the record, also can undertake the processing. A, manufacturers need what certificate? Medical device manufacturing for filing documents: 1, 2, 3 medical device registration certificate, medical apparatus and instruments for the record information table with the above three documents, can produce the relevant medical mask.
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