Looking for high quality cosmetics OEM generation of processing factories, should consider those aspects?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-26
OEM factory in guangzhou is becoming more and more and more and more complex, competition is increasingly fierce, but no matter how fierce, also don't go to other place looking for cosmetics and processing, because guangzhou cosmetics production base, is the national and international cosmetics factory OEM, and occupy more than 70% of the whole guangzhou, good cosmetics production base, is good in guangzhou.

despite so many cosmetics factory, but some really good cosmetics OEM processing factory actually very few. A sufficient priority cosmetics OEM processing factory, of course, is not afraid of competition, such as the XJ Beauty, have two cosmetics factory in baiyun district of guangzhou, have enough strength, with high-quality quality, help the cosmetics brand in the industry quickly open the market.

if you are looking for high quality cosmetics OEM generation of processing factories, should consider those aspects?

1, the enterprise strength: good cosmetics OEM factory, is a collection research and development, production, sales, and so on in the integration of high-tech enterprises, the company has the purification level of purification workshop and standard laboratory, in strict accordance with national standards to research and development production of cosmetics.

2, the production strength, the company has high standards of hard conditions, international advanced production technology, the contactless aseptic operation, production lines can satisfy different requirements of production, has a high capacity!

3, research and development strength, with cutting-edge information, strong production team, advanced production technology, dedicated to customers leading the international fashion trend of cosmetic products!

so this kind of high-quality cosmetics factory should have what advantages does

1. , help customers to stop market analysis, product planning and provide, packaging design and consulting, to provide raw materials, formulation, packaging, manufacturing technology consulting

2, provide warehousing, freight management service, to provide quality inspection, all relatived inspections agency service, to provide business license, trademark agents

3. , provide Chinese goods management center issued by the information bar code declaration service

XJ Beauty cosmetics OEM just have these, welcome consultation to understand!

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