Looking for cosmetics OEM OEM/odm, detailed process there are those who do you know?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-16
Find cosmetics OEM OEM/odm, these cosmetics generation process, is every person who wants to enter the cosmetics industry need to know, to compare if you don't know it is easy to spend money, the money spent, not doing things is the real pit!

today XJ Beauty for your analysis: tell you about the cosmetics manufacturer OEM OEM/odm? Detailed process familiar with those cosmetics, effectively reduce the communication barriers, promote efficiency, save time cost.

if cosmetics OEM OEM/odm is provided by the customer packaging, there are three kinds of treatment on formula feeding body:

1, the customer provide the formula, by test in cosmetics manufacturer manufacturers to proofing, sample feedback, customer confirm the order.

2, providing customers with semi-finished products by filling cosmetics cosmetics manufacturer for further production.

3, according to the customer request to provide samples, by the cosmetics manufacturer according to sample production.

in receives the customer to provide packaging materials, and the related formula materials, cosmetics OEM OEM/odm cosmetics manufacturer to row of single production, production cycle according to the actual project, generally in 1 - 2 months or so.

cosmetics OEM/odm OEM detailed process diagram:

this is OEM OEM/odm process in detail, the hope can help you just enter the foundry industry, can understand XJ Beauty, cosmetics, set up seven institutes: institute of dermatology, materials research institute, institute of innovative formula, flavors and research institute, Chinese prescription of Chinese herbal medicine research institute, institute of cell preparation center, product, and let you know what kind of cosmetics OEM OEM/odm is the most professional!

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