Look at the note: save unnecessary expenses can choose cosmetics generation processing factory

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-24

find cosmetics generation process is a lot of cosmetics brand in the development of the norm, the production of a new brand, basically is the processing first find cosmetics factory, product production, and it can also help the cosmetics brand, save unnecessary expenses can choose generation processing factory, in cooperation with cosmetics manufacturer, should pay attention to what issues? Today let's learn about, and XJ Beauty also helps many cosmetics manufacturer brands in generation of processing services, we have experience so to share trouble!

a, cooperation method

cosmetics processing methods mainly including OEM and ODM and OBM, has not the same as the difference between the three, the core difference between who owns the intellectual property products. If clients enjoy the product of the intellectual property rights, as an OEM, often referred to as 'OEM', if it is the producer of the overall design, that is the ODM, commonly known as 'stick a card' as a result, in when signing a contract, you must clear this point.

2, delivery time

delivery time must clearly state that if the delay time of delivery will have serious consequences for management, cosmetics OEM customers and factory chamber of commerce in a certain loss. In addition, the contract also calls for production cycle, the product mode of transportation, delay in delivery or other.

3, payment

the question of money is very important. At the same time cooperation payment is down payment + final payment terms. OEM customers processing and cosmetics manufacturers to sign the contract, 50% of the general processing fee in advance, then cosmetics products processing enterprises will conduct production process. After the completion of the production process, the final payment to cosmetics manufacturer factory, cosmetics factory will carry on the corresponding logistics distribution, and to deliver the products to customers. So the proportion of the deposit is generally 50%!

4, the product formula, packaging copy confidentiality and other questions

if the customer to the manufacturer to provide formula, packaging copy, then must also emphasize the confidentiality of the contract.

5, the default compensation

is not afraid of ten thousand, one thousand and they were afraid. If the cosmetics manufacturer or the other party for breach of contract but not in accordance with the contract, have the default indemnity clause, also facilitate processing.

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