Long blain blain of three specific reasons

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-22
Acne, cosmetics manufacturer factory don't think this is the privilege of young people, more than 80% of adults before the age of 40, is still hard to get rid of acne. It's not only the blain blain blain blain is terrible itself, but also is on the clean face compared with others, let hurt exponentially amplification. So, for the sake of appearance, how do we deal with blain blain? Xiaoyan teach you 3, breached blain blain, let you do the most beautiful. To fix blain, first of all have to figure out why long blain first. In general, there are three reasons that lead to skin long blain: 1. Pressure type skin skin was too nervous, result in not good metabolism, causing skin long blain. The main approach is to relax, you can relax with some pastries at home function of aromatherapy oil, also can drink a few drinks tea, tea polyphenol, make skin more by adjusting, relax, give priority to with filling water on skin care. 2. Endocrine disorders will not be regular life adjustment to the normal state, such as regular work and rest, don't stay up late, quit junk food, Fried barbecue food, etc. For endocrine disturbance model skin, regulate on: first of all need to be clean face, can use paste products, in the palm of your hand after friction out rich foam, your face, then rinse off with clear water. After facial cleaning, drench face, with green tea water can reach containment, help the metabolism of skin surface some particle radiation, can drink some cold water brew lemonade, using the lemon acidity and vitamin C helps metabolic waste or free radicals in the body. Blain blain on nursing, choose flower dew and pure dew kind bright skin water, wet with cosmetic cotton, from the bottom to wipe, let skin circulation become more open. In addition, as far as possible or choose hydrating essence, tea tree essential oil can be mixed with hydrating essence in a ratio of 1:6, apply to the face, can accuse oil, filling water. Can also, take two cream and half flower dew mixed together, later daub on face, the equivalent of a good good night mask. 3. Oily skin grease is secreted surplus, not thorough cleaning will easily clogged pores, lead to acne outbreaks, need how to recuperate? First, we select clean face product, try to choose the manual soap, so no stimulation to the skin, and it can effectively remove all the impurities on the surface of the skin. Then, after the cleaning spray with a convergence component choice, there is no such soothing spray type, available for a small bottle of water to add a few drops of tea tree oil mixed instead, use cycle is not more than 3 days, so as to avoid excessive bacteria.
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