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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-08
【List] 2019 Tmall double 11 pre-sale first day brand re xiao bang 2019 Tmall double 11 in October 21 0 point formal open pre-sale according to official data first day pre-sale deal with than last year the same period a Times, the pre-sale started less than one hour and the transaction exceeded the whole day of the same period last year. The pre-sale scale of three days last year was completed in half a day, and there were 23 brands with pre-sale transactions of more than 100 million, on the first day of the pre-sale last year, only five brands sold more than 100 million. At the same time, this year's Double 11, 100 new products were released for the first time in Tmall, and the first day of pre-sale transactions broke 100 new products. In addition, Tmall double 11 pre-sale first day, 1. 70,000 brands started live broadcast, and a variety of brand items were sold through live broadcast to guide pre-sale transactions to exceed 100 million, of which there was a 6-minute break of 100 million 'spike' explosions, and a 10-minute refresh of live broadcast items. A new record of 4. 3 billion sales. Here, the following is a double 11 pre-sale first day of the whole network (Tmall Taobao) Including women's clothing, men's clothing, beauty and skin care, make-up perfume, 4 key categories of hot Brand List, to readers. Form: Yibang power network 【 Note: the ranking of the list is based on the turnover of each brand on October 21, including the pre-sale deposit for Double 11 (The balance is not included), For reference only, does not represent the final ranking; The list data comes from Yibang Power Research Institute (According to the third party data monitoring agency data collation) , Unaudited, or inconsistent with official data, please understand! ] 01 first-class category list: women's clothing, men's clothing, beauty and skin care, makeup and perfume 02 second-class category list: makeup/perfume 03 second-class category list: beauty/skin care Source: Yibang power network
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