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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-07
Lipstick to choose good, young and beautiful look good! < p> 2019 - 05 - 27 17:37:25 < / p> lipstick to choose good, young and beautiful look good! Cheap lipstick and expensive lipstick is to use the feeling, the most significant difference between your lipstick on chromaticity is better, more durable, color is more abundant, quality and cheap lipstick wasn't so good, cheap lipstick and expensive lipstick difference besides brand premium, formula is also very important factors. Third, you buy a lipstick will fade. Eyebrow in the United States if they buy a lipstick fade easily, shows that this formula in the design when no good pigment and dispersant and other components together. This is about to consider when designing formula type using solvent paint or powder paint. Choose two principles of lipstick lipstick variety and quality of a material is just too much, how to choose suits own seem to be very difficult, in the cosmetics manufacturer factory introduces two basic principles can be for your reference: 1, should according to the age of choose and buy the lipstick and young skin is white tender, and the lipstick colour can be slightly in some, such as pink, color lipstick and peachblossom, middle-aged women, should choose of colour such as scarlet, red soil. 2, should be based on skin color to choose and buy the lipstick (1) fair complexion, suitable for any color lipstick, but with higher brightness varieties is the best. (2) the color of skin is black people are suitable for auburn, dark red color brightness is low. (3) pink gives a person the sense with young, sweet, soft. If use pink lipstick, match a set of the same color dress, make you blossom a the appearance of the colour like the spring. (4) give a person the sense with bright-coloured and marked red, so if you painted bright red lipstick, the whole people become the butterflies, enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained. (5) red ochre, a system is a kind of close to the color of brown. Put on this color of lipstick, will look dignified, elegant, classic lasting appeal. 6. Orange have the enthusiasm to red and yellow bright. Painted orange lipstick, can give a person the sense with enthusiasm, active, very suitable for young and lively girl.
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