Let everybody understanding of aromatic essential oil has a system

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-19
With the popularity of aromatherapy essential oil skin care are beginning to hot. Whether beauty SPA club, or cosmetic line of skin care market, essential oil were as a selling point hype. Also rise some essential oil as the selling point of the brand. But, to the real effect of essential oils, there has been much controversy. Bulls and opposition among ceaselessly, make consumers have fog, at a loss. generation processing small make up today is talk about some personal feelings, let everybody understanding of essential oil has a system. Essential oil ( essentialoil) Use can be traced back to ancient Egypt, it serves as a kind of aromatic substances, has been popular for several centuries, essential oil in the most simple way, but unusual millennium. These extracted from plants by aromatic molecules, such as perfume, cosmetics, seasoning products is an important part of. generation processing remind you: essential oils are widespread in the different parts of plants, including roots, trunk, bark, stems, leaves and flowers, etc. Conscious use of essential oils: 1. First choose their own instincts like essential oils, use oneself thinks that the method of simple and easy to use, even if there is only one way is that you can understand and enjoy. 2. Conscious awareness of the essential oil, the specific method is in a quiet space within some of your favorite essential oil, play soft music. What are the pitfalls in the use of essential oils: a myth: essential oil only skincare and health products erroneous zone 2: any essential oil can be directly used for skin myth 3: essential oil can join the erroneous zone in the use of the cream 4: oral essential oils more effective error 5: essential oil can be used liberally. Essential oil is of great help to many diseases, with drug treatment, can let the disease recovered more quickly. And use in our daily life, can purify the air, the effect of disinfection and sterilization, at the same time can prevent some infectious diseases. Essential oils for endocrine, metabolic, urinary system, venereal disease, the immune system, disease of department of gynaecology, muscle, bone diseases, skin diseases, physical symptoms and disease, nervous system and mental illness, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and teeth diseases, respiratory system disease, blood circulatory system disease, digestive system disease has good curative effect.
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