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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-07
Learn these seven skills, let you have a star's appearance level < p> 2019 - 05 - 06 10:13:56 < / p> if you think the stars all have good skin and good color is done by botox, cosmetic surgery that you would be wrong. Actually the star also has some never open beauty secrets, Ellie beauty editor is today to tell you the star appearance must know seven hairdressing secret recipe. Silk pillow stars almost all slept satin pillows. Why is that? Ordinary pillow while it also comfortable to sleep, but will let you wake up every day add two more deep wrinkles round. Satin material not only won't let you face a crease, and very good to the hair. So as long as you don't have the habit of sleeping, silk pillow must have. Cranberry juice naturally red hair female stars often use this juice rinse hair, do not harm the hair at the same time let a hair to enhance gloss and colour saturation. It is reported that some pop singers regularly collagen injections, to maintain the facial skin tight. But this method is not only expensive, but also will take some surgical risk. Mint concentrate is a natural food, because it can expand blood vessels. Dab a little on your fingers, you can feel the finger skin instantly firming full. Not only achieve the same effect, and collagen injections mint concentrate is more natural and healthy. Strawberries with baking soda wants to keep charming smile like stars? Baking soda and strawberry mixture, can do teeth whitening agent ( This is a kind of natural teeth whitening method, most used in toothpaste) , continuous to brush a few times a week the whitening agent, the teeth can let you become more confident smile. Water and water full-fat milk and whole milk mix into a spray bottle, homemade a facial moisturizer. Almost everyone carries a supermodel. This kind of spray, spray every time, every day a few times, can lock the skin moisture and can boost skin luster. Lemon juice, lemon juice is a natural cleansing and toner. Hollywood stars and models often use it to keep the skin fresh and moisture balance. Citric acid can help shrink the pores and make the skin not only ornament, also can chamfer. If you face a sunburn, citric acid and the effect of the light spot. After cleansing your face dab lemon juice to wipe with tampon, simple easy to brighten the effect. Olive oil stars will use olive oil unloading waterproof mascara or other waterproof make-up. Olive oil contains antioxidant vitamins A and E, and won't clog pores. It not only can unload the most stubborn eye makeup, also can let your eye skin as smooth as a baby, even more smooth than apply the eye cream. Black rim of the eye because usually caused by dry skin and blood circulation, so use olive oil daub eye can also reduce black rim of the eye.
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