Leading cosmetics manufacturer to tell you: the generation of processing need to those formalities?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-21

the birth of a cosmetics, need brands and manufacturers work together to cosmetics generation process is producers, but production need communication and cooperation between the two sides. processing in order to complete the project, it is necessary to provide the necessary paperwork, leading cosmetics manufacturer cosmetics manufacturer XJ Beauty tell you: the processing need to those formalities?

1, no business license and trademark, customer what procedure to need?

for cosmetics and processing customers, you can entrust cosmetics manufacturer maker, signed a business license and trademark. After the completion of the trademark and the business license, you can carry out processing cosmetics and other processing business. Of course you can register yourself, also can find agents, also can entrust cosmetics manufacturers to do the work.

2 what are the procedures, the customer to obtain the business license and no logo?

the processing cosmetics business needs the customer's business license and trademark. If there is no brand, you will need to register a trademark. You can also find agent company, or you can entrust the cosmetics manufacturers to complete the registration. Of course, if you don't want to register the business license, can register cosmetics cosmetics manufacturer's business license, then put the logo back to your company.

3, what are the customers have the business license and trademark application?

to such cosmetics processing customers, you only need to provide your company's business license, trademark, and cosmetics generation processing contract, production authorization and other official documents. In this way, the cosmetics manufacturers can produce goods for you. And cosmetics manufacturers have the right to production, only has no right to sell.

cosmetics manufacturers can complete follow-up inspection reports and products for the record, and is very easy and convenient. Customers need to provide the business license, trademark, production orders and other formal documents, and cosmetics generation of processing enterprises need to provide the business license, cosmetics production license. XJ Beauty cosmetics OEM one-stop processing, has a perfect mechanism for you to do a good job of the processing, welcome consulting.

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