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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-03
L 'oreal millions of a huge sum of money for the western financial aid < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:26:12 < / p>, the world's largest cosmetics company l 'oreal group decided to start a three year from the date of this charity program, through the 'true interaction' campus charity sale, plans to raise 1 million yuan as financial aid, in the western university of excellent students, encourage and help them complete their studies, realize the dream, in order to promote the development of higher education in western China as a power. According to the plan, l 'oreal company will cooperate with China youth development foundation, through some schools in Beijing and Shanghai to charity sale financing to set up the financial aid. Preliminary estimate, the program will make nearly 500 within three years ( M) The western college students benefit. It is understood that the l 'oreal student activities using the east west university and special form of interaction of colleges and universities in the west and east students with practical action to care in the west of the poor students. This year, l 'oreal will first in fudan university, Shanghai normal university, and several universities in Beijing to start the charity sale 'interacted' campus, directly by the student organization operation specific activities, won money will be donated to charity and how they are excellent western economic difficulties of college students. The officials here said that l 'oreal and students interactive program is creative, both from economic help in the west of the college students, and eastern college students have the opportunity to take concrete actions to join to help their western peers to establish a communication link for both students, so as to realize the true interaction between the eastern and western college students. According to the l 'oreal company will be held at the end of the year by a representative of the eastern and western school leaders and students and youth foundation and related institutions attended the donation ceremony for the first time.
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