Korean mask companies have begun to pursue differentiated mask cloth

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-07
As facial masks become Representative home care products, facial mask enterprises are committed to pursuing product differentiation through various channels. According to the industry, mask companies that have focused on efficacy and ingredients have recently paid more and more attention to mask cloth. For a long time, facial masks have been popular through various effects and ingredients such as supplying moisture, resisting aging and calming the skin, but they have been struggling to find ways to effectively transmit functional ingredients to the skin. Recently, in addition to the use of microfiber, Tencel, chitosan and bio-fiber and other masks, masks have emerged. Celltweet's 'ex signal control mask' is a microfiber MASK made of super fine fibers that delivers the contents to the skin, contains patented ingredient 'exosome' and moisturizing patented ingredient 'aquaxyl? 'Increased moisture retention. Ariul combines the advantages of natural fiber and synthetic fiber with Tencel Mask cloth to launch '7days mask', the surface is smooth, sensitive skin can also be used with peace of mind, can quickly transfer moisture and nutrition. The Mask cloth used in the' Radiance Synergy mask' introduced by Ground Plan is chitosan (Chitosan) Mask cloth, chitosan component will produce gel phenomenon when encountering essence, mask cloth absorbs harmful substances such as keratin and waste, and skin affinity is also very good. In addition to the Mask cloth, there are also melted masks on the market. MERCELL launches 'sharr Mask Melting collagen', which is similar to the skin structure of nano-nutrients attached to the skin, the 3D structure of the spider mesh inhibits the evaporation of the essence to the greatest extent and helps the skin absorb various active ingredients. Relevant people in the industry said that 'the mask is different from other skin care products, and the area of direct contact with the face is large. Therefore, many companies are strictly selecting ingredients with high affinity for the skin, the effective delivery of nutrients to the skin is actively making various attempts. '
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