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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-30
Kore rhythm wave of cleansing instrument Smart Profile ( Intelligent) Review < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:51:16 < / p> maintenance should start from the skin is the most basic step of skin, and skin needs the most basic element is clean, there are 300000 people face pore, just rely on his hands and discharge makeup clean face product, can only wash the surface of the skin, can thoroughly clean the oil pollution in pore. Wash a face is known as 'artifact' kore rhythm wave of cleansing instrument launched Smart Profile ( Intelligent) 。 Is it really so magical? YOKA evaluation center for evaluation and actual effect remains to be seen. <时尚>。 product_inf ul li { 宽度:32%} < / style> kore rhythm wave of cleansing instrument Smart Profile ( Intelligent) Package details product pictures ( 0) Graphic tips ( 0) < ! - - - - - - - - - - - - The trial report ( 0) - - - - - - - - - - - -> < p class = 'linkbtn> published tips < / p> < p> product technology: < / p> < p> beyond all kinds of traditional skin clean, to dislodge dirt and sebum in the pores of the skin, Clarisonic kore rhythm wave net yan system patent technology 300 times per second of rolling massage oscillation moderate efficient hydrodynamic show 6 times to traditional hand washing clean effect. < / p> < p> Clarisonic kore swaying rhythm wave oscillation technology to moderate swing way combined with skin natural elasticity, while deeply remove grease and dirt, reducing friction to a minimum, protect skin collagen. < / p> < p> package includes: < / p> < p> sonic cleansing instrument Smart Profile ( Intelligent) < / p> < p> smart facial brush head < / p> < p> intelligent massage body brush head < / p> < p> shine skin body scrub 60 ml < / p> < p> net 30 ml to cleansing gel < / p> < p> a plug and adsorption type charging line < / p> < p> sonic cleansing instrument body adopts streamline design, suitable for hand grasp; Inside of the handle, power button, the thumb down very easily, the design on a human scale; Press the power button to boot, smart ( Smart) Model is also at the same time open, smart mode which can judge the installation of the brush head is a, then according to the suitable model to adjust rotation, for example, when the installation is facial brush head, is can be adjusted according to the clean area brush head rotation speed and the plot of the time, respectively is to clean the forehead for 20 seconds, and then the nose and chin for 20 seconds, then were about to clean the cheek every 10 seconds, at this time the speed will slow, because relative to the forehead and nose, chin, cheek place less oil, use the cleanness of general dynamics; In addition, the turbo button as a key growth key, hold can accelerate, generally can be used in clean body. < / p>
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