Key | face the aging of the skin, how to 'antioxidant'?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-22

oxidation, refers to the oxygen element chemical reactions with other substances, as in the air after the apple peel a period of time will turn yellow oxide. 'Oxidation' easy to become dark skin, let skin flabby, aging, wrinkles, and other issues. Once the woman 25 years old, the skin will enter at the beginning of the old, how 'antioxidant' become the focus of skin problems of nursing.

but do you know? We fight not oxygen in the air, and 'antioxidant' real fight is 'free radicals'. Namely: aging skin oxidation = = free radicals.

skin base overmuch, attack the skin cells, causing aging, skin aging and loss of immunity of the body, cause collagen and elastic fiber is flabby, slow, look dull skin cells, loss of moisture, such as how to do? Today XJ Beauty share small make up to you to share some small make up personally used, antioxidant effect feels like a few worth grass products, collection up quickly!

create beauty antioxidant gold item

fullerenes essence

anti-aging king - — On the market the most powerful antioxidant content

fullerenes anti-oxidation, the ability of scavenging free radicals is 172 times more vitamin C;

fullerenes cells has better biological activity and safe, skin beauty in Japan since 2015, never appear allergic phenomenon.

anthocyanins concentrate

internationally recognized free radicals of the most effective material

black Chinese wolfberry of anthocyanins have strong antioxidant effect extremely easily absorbed by the body, most powerful natural antioxidant.

astaxanthin essence

one of the world's most powerful natural antioxidant

the ability of scavenging free radicals, the effect of vitamin C is 6000 times, 1000 times that of vitamin E, and 800 times of coenzyme Q10, beta Carotene 100 times, 320 times effect of tea polyphenols. Can enhance skin regeneration, help skin young vigor, anti-aging.

the benefits of antioxidant

oxidation is everyone can't resist the years trace, but if the effective use of antioxidant skin care products, can help the skin to remove free radicals, maintain normal metabolism of skin, protect skin with normal tissue, prevent skin aging. Note: antioxidant is not an immediate effect, is a skin care work for a long time, the continuous and permanent oxidation under the care, you will find that with no antioxidant skin will form the obvious gap.

in XJ Beauty research and development of the major antioxidant gold sheet is tasted, can effectively delay the aging of the skin, and also contains repair has the aging skin, such as improving wrinkles, sagging and drooping skin problems. , of course, also welcome each big brand merchants consulting all cosmetics manufacturer generation processing, designed for the pharmacy terminal, wechat business, electricity, cosmetic line, beauty salon, entity shop OEM customized products, and processing and find it is right to create beauty!

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