Just master these few principle no longer worry about be fooled by advertising

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-26
Now, product advertising is playing more and more synchronized, so that our customers don't know how to choose, here, we are a professional cosmetics manufacturer OEM cosmetics manufacturer XJ Beauty come from your action, as long as caught the most essential thing, and let the AD said again, we can identify the use of cosmetics: a, identification of moisturizing products: some moisturizing products using our consumers do not understand the principle, by literally taking everyone into the erroneous zone, such as after coating the moisturizer, moisture test pen test, moisture value is good moisturizers. This is wrong, XJ Beauty that moisture test pen inspection is corneous layer water content, even without any moisturizing, wash your hands after you horny water content also increased significantly, but the water will soon be lost. Relatively more reasonable approach is in for several hours after finished with moisturizers and measured again the next day value is still high. Cutin moisture content, however, are not the higher the better, the ideal moisturizer, can reduce the loss of skin moisture, maintain water content within the scope of the normal, healthy, but not necessarily can quickly improve the water content of cuticle. , therefore, need not too superstitious 'water test' beauty on the counter, you insist to use the hydrating products after a period of time, if you feel improved drying problem, is suitable for your product, insist to use the same after a while, moisture test test, the moisture of the skin value stability under a high value, and close to normal skin, so that means that you maintain article was protective for the skin, choose the right product. 28 days, the updating cycle of skin, so skin care products to use the 28 day in a row to see the effect of this statement is correct, but will divide the situation, look to protect skin to taste is for cases of skin care products. If you choose to protect skin to taste no stimulation for you, and you also like it, then stick to 28 days or finished. Pay attention to the change of skin and during their feelings, such as whether gradually have full feeling, whether skin becomes delicate, luster whether to increase, and so on. These subtle changes, not necessarily the 28 days, to the pursuit of better and more big, the effect of quarter years as unit, should more good skin care effect is an accumulation day by day. However, anti-aging, pale spot, acne removing ( Nursing problems type products) , you may need to for a longer time, medical observation period usually lasts for three months and more than half a year. If run out of a set of up feeling a bit of work, will continue to insist to use. Effect early is slow in groundwork and foundation to play good, late changes greatly will also growth. Third, some people say that good effect maintain article will have a dependency that's wrong, XJ Beauty tell you, on the contrary, good effect to protect skin to taste, after you stop using can still play the role of a period of time. So of course it is based on: 1, maintain article to regulate skin to healthy state, let it become more strong, not easily affected by external stimuli, repair faster; 2, some maintenance components do stay for a period of time in the skin, continue to be effective. Early if you feel good, after a period of time don't feel so good, it is possible that has reached its limit. At this moment, you think carefully first, whether their care needs, the outside is painted skin care products can reach the highest effect, whether you also need to work to strengthen the body, is it. There are some need to adjust the body.
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