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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-17
July a number of new rules safeguard consumer rights and interests of < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:24:37 < / p> < p> on July 1, a number of new laws and regulations in China began to implement, in order to better safeguard people's food, clothing, makeup, lines and so on consumer rights and interests. < / P> < P> cleaners and dyers violations, up 30000 yuan < / P> < P> 'laundry and dyeing industry management method' regulation: building or rebuilding and expansion of dry cleaners, should be used fully enclosed dry cleaners, dry cleaners use existing open dry cleaners must be modified. < / P> < P> if found in water, pretend to be single hot dry cleaning, use the CARDS for consumer fraud, etc, will be included in the fraud, the highest penalty of 30000 yuan. < / P> < P> 790 kinds of cosmetics banned substances increased < / P> < P> 'cosmetics health standard' revised cosmetics manufacturer test with limited material list, an increase of 790 kinds of banned substances. < / P> < P> 'specification' will also 'hair dye raw material list' published in 2005 by the ministry of health into the specification limit with the raw material list, and an increase in two kinds of sunscreen cosmetic UVA is prevented bask in effect evaluation method, and the determination method of sunscreen products waterproof function and marking requirements. < / P> < P> 71 drinking water standard indicators < / P> < P> 'drinking water health standards' and 13 domestic and drinking water hygiene inspection methods of national standard requirement: may not contain pathogenic microorganisms in the drinking water, one of the chemicals and radioactive substances shall not endanger human body health, sensory properties is good, and must be disinfected. < / P> < P> in addition, drinking water, organic compound index ( Including the vast majority of pesticides, environmental hormone and persistence of compound) Is the focus of the evaluation of drinking water and health relationship. < / P> < P> quick-frozen food banned 'naked' < / P> < P> 'quick-frozen food industry standards of surface' regulation, without prepackaged frozen food may not sell. < / P> < P> in addition, filling also indicated on the label paste content of products, product quality problems should be handled timely recalled. < / P> < P> violators will be in accordance with the 'circulation areas of food safety management method', the maximum fine of 30000 yuan. < / P> < P> disorderly garbage is highest 50000 yuan < / P> < P> the urban living garbage management method 'regulation, and optionally, scatters or pile of rubbish people, will be fined 200 yuan, the unit is the highest fine of $50000. < / P> < P> urban living garbage collection, transportation and disposal of the enterprise, without approval, shall not be closed without authorization, go out of business. < / P> < P> produce urban living garbage, units and individuals shall have the duty to pay the city life garbage disposal. Did not press formulary pay of urban living garbage, the unit can be fined up to 30000 yuan, to individuals can be fined up to 1000 RMB yuan. < / P>
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