Jie god kill SARS coronavirus leisurely, guard you my health

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-31

2020 extraordinary Chinese New Year, at the end of 2019, continuous fermentation of wuhan pneumonia outbreak, a new type of coronavirus as tigers down the mountain, raid, and off guard! A Make a lot of people thought about 17 years ago 'SARS' to dark moment, across the country are enveloped in the shadow of the outbreak. XJ get a positive response to the call of the party government, power began the fight for the center with wuhan virus infection of war.

win the war 'epidemic'

guangdong XJ Beauty by industry giants and many international and interdisciplinary scientists jointly established domestic Beauty industry technology innovation and research services platform. Have heart disease, the positive response, unity is strength, spend the difficulties. , to the public, to prevent the disease spread 'pure good god long-acting antibacterial sprays! ' Help win the war 'disease'!

XJ Beauty together with green medical Beauty has developed the clean god leisurely long-acting antibacterial products - — Free wash hand gels, washing your hands free liquid, shampoo, shower gel, cleaning, soap, facial cleanser, hand cream, environmental disinfection liquid, laundry detergent and other related physical antibacterial products, provide the spot products and ODM brand customization, guard you with my health!

to minimize risk

the outbreak is the command, control and prevention's responsibility! Everyone remember wash their hands, little, wearing a mask and so on key points, to their own risk to a minimum. When it comes to washing and sterilization, a lot of people have also seen a member of the ministry of health experts lan-juan li's advice, it is through the ether, 75% alcohol or chlorine disinfectants to kill the virus. But in fact, in the family of the three things are hard to buy ethyl ether is toxic, high levels of alcohol is not commonly used, chlorine disinfectant, taste a lot like 84.

after SARS prove effective clean god long-acting antibacterial sprays leisurely, effectively put to minimize the risk of infection, at present in China and the world, in disinfection and sterilization products one of the best products, guard you I'm healthy. Jie god leisurely, during the 2003 outbreak of SARS coronavirus, by the ministry of health of the Chinese center for disease control and prevention detection of virus prevention and control, can kill 100% of SARS coronavirus. And in 2003 7 menstrual drug administration for examination and approval of green channel fast: 'jie god leisurely long-acting antibacterial material, can be inactivated SARS coronavirus, applicable to the prevention of SARS. '

clean this patron god your health

long-term physical antibacterial:

a spraying skin, eight hours after the bacteriostatic rate is 99. 85%

a spray fabric, after 40 times of washing the bacteriostatic rate is 99. 96%

anti - resistance Security:

kill with isolated from bacteria, fungi, viruses,

low long-acting antibacterial eight hours

: to low level, no stimulation safety

low physical resistance to infection, no resistance

low portable package

patent products:

the FDA, the European Union CE registration

international invention patent no. : ZL201210271421. 9

in the name of love, build healthy line

in the face of the outbreak, XJ Beauty in addition to the outbreak positive contributions, and response to the outbreak in the battle. Drew up the first time support and cooperation, help national outbreak of war. Rapid green medical Beauty cooperate hand in hand, together with the 'clean god hisa' long-acting antibacterial series products, to market quickly, alleviate the current market the present situation of the antibacterial material tension, to support the wuhan outbreaks, reflects XJ Beauty with the major national brands partner of love, in the name of love, for your health I build a solid defense.

XJ Beauty god hisa 'clean' long-acting antibacterial series products, is expected to begin on February 15th, for sale nationwide outbreak, to guard you my health!

the battle 'epidemic'

XJ Beauty with you

wuhan come on!

China refuels!

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