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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-02
Jiangsu rules without licenses are not allowed to be engaged in cosmetic surgery < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:41 < / p> in view of the present medical beauty industry in jiangsu province is relatively chaos, yesterday, the provincial health department said a pundit, next year, will strengthen the management of the medical cosmetic industry in our province, all practitioners must pass medical hairdressing the attending physician qualification, otherwise will be introduce. It is understood that since the mid - 1980 - s, in the first place in nanjing, jiangsu and other places started to rise and plastic industry, throughout the country have launched last year, after the 'artificial beauty' that this industry has been rapid development, only a year, in nanjing there has opened more than a dozen institutions, to nanjing for cosmetic surgery increased to more than 30. Competition between hospitals from spell turned price quality, the good and evil people mixed up and the employees, many surgeons only practicing doctors' qualifications, and even beauty salon has no medical qualifications, are starting to make medical hairdressing. The disordered competition makes a huge increase in nearly two years in jiangsu medical hairdressing dispute, accepts quantity sharp decline this year as a whole. Jinling rehabilitation hospital, director of the cosmetic surgery specialist Li Qishou, said last year it received more than 1000 cosmetic surgery, but so far this year is only five centuries, liposuction 10 people are less than a month. In recent two months, a week of cosmetic surgery consists of four five. Health department of jiangsu province, authorities said the hall since last year for 'medical hairdressing the attending physician qualification certification system', namely if you want to engage in medical beauty services, in addition to the qualifications for practicing doctors, also need to qualify for the health and beauty. It is understood that last year the first through the medical hairdressing qualifications of only 63 people, 287 people this year, but relative to the number of the whole industry in whole province at present, the 350 'regulars' still seem weak, more 'guerrilla' is still in the illegal conduct medical beauty services. It is understood that in addition to grasp the personnel system, next year, our province will also increase the industry's 'access' and 'technical access' standards, medical cosmetology organization to carry out the project, must go through expert argumentation, must have the clinical practice. Information source: nanjing daily
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