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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-03
Jiangsu released this year's first plastic warning < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:04 < / p> < p> the jiangnan times reported, the Spring Festival is coming, schools will be on holiday again, nanjing will also usher in the first peak of cosmetic surgery in 2007. The key discipline of plastic surgery and the quality control center in jiangsu province yesterday released the first time in 2007 plastic surgery early warning hint: use holiday for beauty of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgeons would calm 'boom' hairdressing, plastic body to force to carry out the operation ability and conditions, for beauty is to 'polish eyes' and 'shop around', choose to have the strength of normal hospital on cosmetic surgery. < / P> < P> plastic surgery of jiangsu province key subject leader professor qing-guo zhang told reporters that in recent years in jiangsu province in terms of specification management and straighten out the plastic market have done a lot of work, push forward the system of medical hairdressing the attending physician, in particular, has made remarkable achievements. But found in the relevant departments of the inspection, there are still a few without approval to carry out plastic surgery medical institutions; Some cosmetic surgery organizations beyond to carry out the operation project; And cosmetic institutions do not have medical hairdressing the attending physician qualification; Part of the cosmetic surgery institutions excessive pursuit of economic interests, false propaganda. Professor qing-guo zhang cautioned that the doctor can't as 'artificial beauty'. Especially the students easy to go wrong, the most common is the blind pursuit of 'star like', see cosmetic surgery as 'cloning'. < / P> < P> nanjing zhongda hospital plastic surgery center, Dr. Bear fierce associate professor pointed out that 'holiday beauty' avoid blindly 'follow suit', the key is to pay attention to their own reasonable analysis for the demand, must want to have a normal mentality and reasonable expectations, must not optional 'follow suit' and blind to the beauty, Do more walking, look more, ask more, several hospitals, look at the overall size and conditions of the hospital, understand the experts and technical strength, etc. ; Carefully choose hospitals, doctors and shaping technology, should first to have 'the attending physician certificate' cosmetic surgery doctor visit, had better choose a possess solid based doctors surgery, plastic surgery can significantly reduce errors; Plastic technology choices don't blindly believe in blowing it up project, should be guided by the experienced plastic surgeon scientific choice suits own plaisir. < / P>
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