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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-02-22
Japan's rise of male makeup fever, some men say they can't stand plain face (Observer Network News) According to the Nikkei Chinese network reported on April 25, cosmetics have long been made for women. Today, young Japanese men are gradually starting to buy. In order to pursue easy-to-use makeup methods, men also pursue male makeup online red on social networking sites, and male cosmetics have become a market that cannot be ignored. 'For me, makeup is to pay attention to appearance,' said Kondo Yohdi, anchor of a video website with 300,000 fans (26 years old). He first posted a video on a video website 2 years ago, the content of which is a makeup method that can be used in daily life. Kondo is now one of the celebrities in the beauty industry. Many viewers are women, but it is said that male fans have also increased in recent years, increasing to 50,000, accounting for about 20% of the total. There are also foreign language messages such as Korean and Spanish in the comment column. Kondo Yohdi picture from the Nikkei Chinese website although the makeup opportunity is work, it is now a hobby. Kondo said, 'Makeup is to make yourself confident. Don't think about what people around you think '. He also said, 'it is not good to say that you should not wear makeup because you are a male, and you must wear makeup because you are a female. Anyone who wants makeup can do it '. There are not a few men who resonate with Kondo. One person affected by his video is Yuta, a college student with 3,000 followers on Instagram (20 years old). Yuta came into contact with makeup for working as a model and became interested. He said, 'Now I can't stand the plain face '. Yuta buys cosmetics in drug stores, grocery stores and online. Unlike department stores and specialty stores, these places do not have shop assistants to receive customers. Yuta said, 'there is no courage to go to the department store '. Yuta in college, Yuta is sometimes joked by classmates, 'Do you want to be a girl '. Recently, even for men, it has become natural to buy skin care products, but 'there is still a sense of violation in makeup '. Yuta's ideal is to try it out in front of the counter and buy it casually. Cosmetics for men are centered on skin care products and are gradually soaking in the Japanese market. Statistics on Japan's Fuji economy show that Japanese male cosmetics (Facial Care) The market size is expected to be 231 yen in 2018. It has gradually increased in the last 10 years. The potential market is considered to be even larger if the number of men who buy goods for women is not small. Among Japanese young people, men who protect skin and repair eyebrows during inauguration activities and important work and beauty in daily life are increasing. In addition, famous brands have begun to set foot in male cosmetics in recent years, and the market is rapidly active. French Chanel launched male cosmetics in 2018, and high-end brands also entered this market. In the department store industry, the Hankyu Department Store men's pavilion Tokyo, which was renovated on a large scale in March 2019 (HANKYU MEN'S TOKYO) And Isetan Shinjuku head office men's pavilion jointly expanded the male cosmetics store, also enriched the types of cosmetics, and set up a service desk that can consult skin problems. Of course, there are also people who look at the male cosmetics market coldly. Some people in the circulation industry said, 'due to the decrease in population, the female cosmetics market will reach its peak in the future. The expectation of enterprises that hope to recover with male cosmetics is wishful thinking '. In addition, with the further promotion of male cosmetics, it is possible to lose the dilemma of male customers who used to like female cosmetics. There is no difference between men and women in the need to improve their image. How to avoid imposing values on others while coping with potential needs may become the key. Source: Observer Network Management forwarding link: https://www . guancha. cn/internation/2019_04_25_499110. shtml
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