It is said that half of the girls make up every day, and their favorite is mascara

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-14
This product word-of-mouth website, which is similar to the public comment in the cosmetics industry, conducted an online survey of 5448 consumers and asked them about their current views on cosmetics. Including what cosmetics they are interested in, what new things they are trying, daily cosmetics consumption habits, etc. The time span of the survey was 9 days, from April 28-5. The respondents were all young women, 18 years old- The 24-year-old accounted for 46% of the total number of interviewees, and the 25-year-old-The 35-year-old accounted for 54%. InFluenster said the confidence level of the survey reached 95%, and the sample sampling error was low. We took part, focusing on the following. 1. Girls' favorite nail polish color is pink. Girls' favorite nail polish color is pink. 27% said they like pink nail polish best, while 20% like nude nail polish, this was followed by red, black and blue, accounting for 15%, 9% and 7% respectively. 2. The most girls who buy earth-colored eye shadow are brown. 32% of them choose Brown, followed by nude, gray, pink and purple. 3. Although there are many minority brands, when it comes to lipstick and mascara, MAC and Cover Girl are more popular. MAC lipstick is the most popular. 19% of girls will choose this brand when buying lipstick, after the MAC is the lipstick of NYX, Urban Decay and Cover Girl. However, if mascara is chosen, 14% will choose Cover Girl, 13% will choose Maybelline, and 8% of Too Faced and Benefit will buy it respectively. MAC's mascara is not as popular as its lipstick, only 7% are willing to buy it. 4. Most girls buy lipstick, 1/3 have more than 10 lipsticks, 36% have more than 10 lipsticks, and 4% claim to have no lipstick. There are 7-There are 14% people with 9 lipsticks and 4-There are 22% people with 6 lipsticks. 5. Half of the girls wear makeup every day, and women can simply describe it as 'hard work. In this survey, 48% of people put on makeup every day, 37% said they put on makeup several times a week, and only 2% said they had never put on makeup. 6. If they can only choose one cosmetic, they will choose mascara. If they tell their female classmates that they can only choose one cosmetic, 35% will choose mascara. 19% of the people chose to change their color and 14% chose to draw eyeliner. Secondly, eyelashes and concealer are also more important details. It seems that young people are not very interested in rubbing rouge. Only 1% of them put blush in an irreplaceable position.
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