Is eye cream used in the morning or at night?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-10
Eye cream is the protective film of the eyes. Many people have not used the habit of eye cream when they are old. One day, they suddenly look in the mirror and find that their eyes are much older. Then they rush to buy eye cream skin care products, two days a day can't solve the problem. The eyes are sensitive and fragile to the whole face. If they are not well protected, it will easily grow some small wrinkles or something, which makes people look very upset. Is eye cream used in the morning or at night? I will tell you today. In the morning, eye cream is used. Generally, the role of eye cream in the morning is isolation and protection. It can isolate the ultraviolet rays and some impurities outside our eyes to maintain and maintain the eyes, eye cream is used at night, and the eye cream used at night is generally based on repair, because our eye skin is the best repair time at night, therefore, this is the eye cream used by akin. As long as it is a high-nutrient eye cream, the eye cream used at night can be used to repair some basic problems of our eyes, usually after cleaning the skin. First, use the ring finger to take the mung bean-sized eye cream, and use the two ring fingers to rub the eye cream to warm the eye cream, so that the skin can more easily absorb the nutrients in the eye cream. Then start from the bottom of the eye, gently press from the Jingming point to the end of the eye, and finally gently press from the inside out from the top of the eye. Then use the middle finger to start from the bottom of the brow, also gently press, and gently press along the eyes, from the inside out, so that the eye cream is applied.
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