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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-01
Cosmetics processing factory introduction to quality assurance manager office < p> 2018 - cosmetics processing cosmetics manufacturer 08 - 04 14:33:42 < / p> cosmetics quality management association of guangdong province, under the guidance of business in guangdong food and drug administration, the provincial center for disease control and prevention and provincial institute of biological products and drug expert technical support, by the enterprises engaged in the cosmetics processing factory in the province ( Matter) Industry unit of scientific research in colleges and universities such as voluntary social non-profit organization; Scope of business includes: policy propaganda, reflecting the industry, put forward policies and Suggestions; Mandate to undertake relevant government functional departments, product quality investigation and certification assessment and standards; Product technology development and selection recommendation, testing services; Held the exhibition; Consulting and member training research; Electronic and periodicals editing and information release, etc. Is the only one to & other; Cosmetics quality management throughout the &; As the theme of the provincial level professional association; By the state food and drug administration cosmetics experts xiao-ming zhong professor served as the first President of the association to promote the standardization of safety norms and cosmetics quality management promotion work; Build cosmetic quality of guangdong province scientific and technological progress and quality and safety of the healthy and orderly development; According to the guangdong food and drug administration regulation spirit and cosmetics 'cosmetics production license New Deal implementation guide' requirement, in order to further strengthen the industry professional management personnel, the implementation of ShengJu guidance, strengthen quality management foundation, strengthening & other; Cosmetics, head of the quality & throughout; Training and study, strive for the province quality director training mount guard, eliminate & other; Cosmetics, head of the quality & throughout; Part-time front, legal, qualified cosmetics processing factory production enterprise to ensure that product traceability and source, to provide security for the consumer, the cosmetic quality management association of guangdong province and guangdong pharmaceutical university jointly organized & other; Cosmetics, head of the quality & throughout; “ Cosmetics inspectors & throughout; The training course.
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