Introduction to cosmetics container to pack the current market development

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-17
In recent years, with the rapid development of national economy, various industries to improve the level of packaging of different level, this is mainly reflected in the food, milk beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other industries. Sales of the cosmetics industry in China over the past 10 years to average annual growth rate is 25%. Our country has become the world's eighth largest market, Asia's second largest cosmetics. Daily chemical industry quite rapidly in recent years of development, industry output value increase rapidly. Daily chemical industry mainly includes the following products: washing supplies, personal care products and cosmetics, etc. Common cosmetic products packaging form as follows: the development trend of SuPing packing: various shapes, dominated by a few big material do; The carton packaging: the more widespread use, higher technology content; Glass packaging: high-end cosmetics in love deeply, still occupy an irreplaceable position. Along with the continuous improvement of people's living standard, consumer demand for personal care products and cosmetics is also increasing. Now, many consumers prefer small capacity of products and cosmetics, this makes both washing supplies, personal care products and cosmetics in the field of production enterprises, products are extremely concerned about the accuracy of the measurement. Cosmetics container packaging products smaller doses are inaccurate measurement can produce relatively large deviation. And some of the cosmetic value is very high, precise measurement will save a lot of the cost of production for the enterprise. The demand of the market decided in the next few years, measurement precision packaging machinery will get the favour of enterprise bigger. Because of the daily chemical industry competition is fierce, many small businesses have been crushed, some large companies expand the scale of the enterprise by means of merger and reorganization. In this case, the high efficiency of production can bring more benefits to the enterprise and competitiveness. The trend of the development of the industry is bound to lead to cosmetic enterprise demand for high speed and high automation equipment. At present, the international line of cosmetics brands have released their earnings report in China. According to the report, such a line of cosmetics brand is being squeezed from domestic cosmetics brand, declining performance is very obvious. The rise of domestic cosmetics manufacturers, not only changed the cosmetics market pattern, also let cosmetics bottle packaging manufacturer market pattern and management ideas, great changes have taken place. In the past, because the domestic cosmetics market share co. , LTD. , from quality to the market price positioning are relatively low, therefore, the plastic cosmetics container packing factory orders a large part of the main aim of the international market, export-oriented, many cosmetics container cosmetics manufacturer and by way of the exhibition for foreign manufacturers of orders, management strategies for international markets. Now the rise of domestic cosmetics container cosmetics manufacturer, market share, demand for cosmetics container order is constantly rising. So the domestic cosmetics bottle manufacturers in the need to change management ideas, the more energy for domestic cosmetic market, for the development of the domestic market for cosmetic packaging and design. In order to prevent the rich nutrients in use due to secondary pollution rapidly decaying, manufacturers are filling in a tiny container, an exhausted, like a small jar or essence of small plastic container. Because the price is too high, this kind of cosmetics will not become the mainstream of the market products, but it is the fashion, the symbol of luxury lifestyle, so there will be a stable consumer group. Now on the choice of cosmetics packaging materials abroad joined environmental consideration, domestic production of cosmetics are also toward this direction. Packaging design personnel in the work to take into account the will is not only a propaganda role of packaging materials and protection, will also consider whether these materials can be easily to be recycled. 404. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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