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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-01
Wenzhou cosmetics factory introduction to anti-aging skincare < p> 2018 - wenzhou cosmetics factory 07 - 23 11:37:14 < / p> if we are to define the anti-aging cosmetics cosmetics factory in wenzhou, in principle is not the cosmetics manufacturer claims can reverse time, spot mark, or to return to the baby frozen age, because it is not possible. Even now there are a lot of processing claim to anti-aging cosmetics or medical hairdressing, but in fact, many anti-aging effect just let the appearance looks younger, their cells and tissues are still in aging. Broadly speaking, after use can make skin look more young and beautiful, can be anti-aging products, such as sunscreen, moisturizers, acne even clean or colour makeup is tasted, etc can be, but generally the anti-aging products on the market, usually refers to the product contains some of the old elements, claims to have anti-wrinkle skin thin lines, whitening pale spot, and promote the restoration, increase skin elasticity and thickness, at the same time to strengthen and enhance cell the effect of the original function. Effective with real effective, however, claim that there is a big gap. After examine evidence-based medicine, found that many claim has anti-aging effect of the composition, not without rigorous clinical test, test is do not conform to the strict comparing to its authenticity and reliability are not enough. So many current on the market sell, fry the competitive anti-aging ingredients and products, its effects are also baa medicine confirmed through cosmetics factory in wenzhou. And the product price is quite high, many consumers spend big money just for the sake of peace, even some of the products is using people for anti-aging expectations and aspirations, as well as anti-aging science do not know for profit. At present such as vitamin A and its derivatives, vitamin C and its derivatives, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin E, kinetin ( Kinetin) , antioxidants ( Such as vitamin E, polyphenols, coenzyme Q10 and isoflavone) And fruit acid and salicylic acid, etc. , there is more data to testify the effect of composition of ageing could he slowed down. But in addition to the composition of category, concentration and efficiency, also want to consider to product formulations, the collocation of accessory ingredient and loading way, and finally finished product pass with empirical clinical test, determine its effect had statistical differences in order to be complete. But there are on the market after such rigorous research and development process of anti-aging cosmetics really low. Unfortunately, the world about how to define or regulate anti-aging products, has no consensus or practice. Even now anti-aging cosmetics market is so hot, product variety, but consumers really want to substantial performance to select, is very not easy. Also because of this, the market did not appear a lot of claim to instantaneous effect of anti-ageing but is essentially visual anti-aging products, sometimes even have a risk to the skin. Many consumers know effective anti-ageing impossible, but an instant change declared or to bring the magic power is very strong, can finally take a rational and concentration to resist the temptation, the myth of the crack, relies on the wisdom of everyone. Pursuit of skin anti-aging failure prevention is the important topic and trend of the future, but how to do it, well done, but there are a lot of implicit learning. But first of all, the most important thing is to have the right attitude, because the old maintain success, the emphasis is on do you want to do, and can start from the life from the inside out anti-aging prepare ahead of time, doing for anti-aging health care, and in the correct phased approach to anti-aging. Very trendy anti-aging market, business is very big, it has already been filled with many strange, science fiction, magic of curious and expensive anti-aging treatment, advertising and no scientific theory based on anti-aging treatment, and the incorrect method of anti-aging, once combined with business practices, coupled with the media, a lot of truth was gone. In addition, beauty salons and clinics standing now, a lot of people claims to be an expert on anti-aging, but executives have professional medical background, what is done is period of treatment, the treatment is safe in the long term, will stand medical test, should be very need to consider the question. To import the anti-ageing market on track, not only should efforts by the government and related health unit, medical personnel professional and conscience, and consumer attitudes and ideas is the key. Especially old knowledge is quite scientific, originally is not magic is not magic is not more secrets, can be open experiments and verification of professional medical, consumers really want to more careful scientific attitude to look at these anti-aging treatment processing, don't lost lady and fold the soldiers in the end, not only promote old instead anti-aging. The world no one can choose to avoid the aging process, and no one can escape the threat of aging; But want to change the Angle, aging is not actually can also not terrorist, this is a key process of the universe, also is the universe the law of natural circulation, the only way of life to normal metabolism change, endless. Think the purpose of anti-aging cosmetics factory in wenzhou is hope oneself can be more beautiful, beauty is very important, but the inner beauty is more promotion than of mind, can complement each other. Without the inner beauty, beauty is just an empty box, is just a flash in the pan, for a long time. How can old well, very beautiful, how aging will turn to the experience of life and wisdom, and from the inside out body and mind of ageing could he slowed down at the same time, is the highest state of anti-aging. Developed with the progress of science and technology, technology, and human understanding and further research on ageing mechanism, there are more and more ways to slow the speed of aging, the improvement of exterior appearance, but these studies are unable to stop the aging progress, let alone to reverse the aging process.
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