Introduction of cosmetic ingredients

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-11
Cosmetics factory found that many girls know the purpose of skin care, but in the choice to protect skin to taste is always wrong, actually want to quickly find themselves want to protect skin to taste, on some ingredients in skin care is to understand clearly, today for everyone to share for different demands of the skin, should choose to contain what elements to protect skin to taste. Hyaluronic acid, ceramide - — Moisturizing hyaluronic acid believe that everyone has been very familiar with, a lot of skin care products containing hyaluronic acid ingredients, hyaluronic acid. Actually has a strong besides hyaluronic acid moisturizing efficacy, and ceramide oh, it's also moisturizing effect is very good ingredients, can improve the water-holding capacity of the skin, effectively improve skin dry, rough and other issues, the role of age and anti-wrinkle! Dry skin friend when choosing skin care products can look for these two components. Fruit acid, salicylic acid - — Acne acne removing believe that a lot of friend already know this way, brush acid of fruit acid can dredge pores, clean up dirt, relatively moderate, very suitable for the first time try to brush acid friend oh. And salicylic acid while the main role is to remove dirt in pores, also has certain anti-inflammatory effects. It is important to note that the brush acid will be to stimulate the skin, need to establish first before use skin tolerability, and suggest that we too often brush acid oh. Caffeine, ceramide, squalane, — Antioxidant caffeine can balance water and oil of skin, also has certain inhibitory effect to the acne and acne, as well as good firming anti-wrinkle effect. Ceramide we also have very good anti-wrinkle effect of age on top. And squalane is a close skin ingredients, it can fuse with personal the sebum membrane, can be formed on the surface of the skin a natural barrier, can be effective against bacteria, thus has strong antioxidant capacity. But need to pay attention to is not suitable for the crowd of skin dermatitis, also do not recommend superposition use face cream, otherwise it's easy to stuffy blain blain, oh. Six peptides, retinol - — Anti-wrinkle six peptides has a nickname called anti-wrinkle peptide, can strengthen the activity of elastin, thus reducing the dynamic lines and eliminate wrinkles. Retinol main role is to adjust the metabolism of the skin cutin layer, has good anti-aging effect, but retinol is likely to cause peeling, because of its ability to speed up your metabolism is very strong, so when the choice must pay attention to, finally suggest that we use at night oh.
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