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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-14
OEM introduction < p> 2018 - cosmetics OEM processing 06 - 29 14:13:51 < / p> cosmetics OEM production, also known as the designated production, commonly known as OEM ( Production) Not direct production, the basic meaning of brand producers, they use their mastery of the key core technology is responsible for the design and development of new products, control sales channel. Original equipment cosmetics manufacturer specific processing tasks entrusted by means of contract order of similar products of other manufacturers. After will be ordered on the low price to buy products, and directly with your own brand logo. The entrust others or OEM production cooperation way, manufacturer is called OEM undertake processing tasks, the production of products known as OEM products. In visible, fixed-point production belongs to the processing trade & other; Contract manufacturing & throughout; Way, in the international trade in the labor export of goods as a carrier. The famous brand enterprises. This way is the pursuit of a strategy to maximise profits. The world's oldest OEM from the garment industry. Developed countries of many famous garment enterprises to reduce costs, improve the competitiveness of the product, the product production base gradually expand to overseas, entrusted to local production and manufacturing, and then under his own name sold on the market. Because of reduced the entrusted enterprise production capital utilization, reduce the risk of the expansion of the market. Than oneself seek, merger, joint venture, merger, OEM processing for brand enterprises, took the money at least. Improve the speed of brand enterprise products in the market. “ Stick a card & throughout; Can yet be regarded as quickly occupy the market in the short term the good choice. Is effective to reduce risk and not lose the market's good choice. Many world class household appliances manufacturers have business model from mass production to mass customization. Through OEM, can quickly complete the enterprise brand in the world within the scope of the cover, and can reduce the cost of investment and investment risk. OEM is an important means to develop the Chinese market for foreign brands. Specific it is what we usually call & other; 3 come to one filling & throughout; : materials, samples, equipment, make compensation trade. Continuously strengthen as trend of global economic integration, foreign brand also entered the Chinese market on a large scale. These brand visibility and recognition in the Chinese market is not very high, build factories are faced with the problem of long period and too high cost. So the use of relative surplus of production capacity of China's existing production line for special production, a shortcut is cut into the China market.
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