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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-29
Wenzhou cosmetics factory has analyzed how to choose a good mask < p> 2018 - cosmetics factory in wenzhou 08 - 14 17:53:13 < / p> cosmetics factory in wenzhou are often confronted with the mask processing customer asking how good the mask? What is good mask should look like? Such words. Actually choose the mask is not so difficult, face film is composed of facial and body material, so check whether the mask is good, check fabric membrane, the material body, use feeling. What is good mask should look like? How do you say to see cosmetics factory in wenzhou. 1, there are several kinds of membrane cloth on the market, each has different advantages, this essay again later. But choosing membrane cloth to best quality of a material soft, joint face, feel is exquisite, shear face is suitable for the human body. Cosmetics factory in wenzhou, found that in recent years, the proportion of men use mask is higher and higher, therefore, when choosing membrane cloth to choose membrane cloth, such men to cover the whole face. 2, good mask should be a light fragrance, or fragrance. And you'd better to white color, or some of them are black cloth. 3, face film in the skin care is also an important part of the composition, skin care efficacy is to look at the ingredients, this is not good, but have to add on the material in the mask body banned substances, the banned substances are skin there is harm to human body or cause allergic conditions. 4, a good mask besides material body and membrane cloth, depends on feeling to judge. Apply face film feel when the mask is whether joint face, whether completely cover the face, apply face film, to the person's feeling after use will allergy, mask effect whether there. If you feel good, and want to fully understand the mask effect, cosmetics factory in wenzhou advice can look for two people, a person's skin condition especially bad, then 2 people at the same time, look after using 2 people's skin condition compare. The mask as FMCG in the cosmetics, the consumption is very big in the market.
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