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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-29
Wenzhou cosmetics factories jia editrice Ann bottles of effective method to use < p> 2018 - wenzhou cosmetics factory 08 - 17 17:57:06 < / p> cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer in wenzhou, bright essence fu peptide of pure milk mainly effect with whitening, pale spot, fade uneven tone; Deeply nourish skin, make skin bright and transparent. This bottle to biological fermentation technology, small molecules, easy to absorb! Main ingredients are ai to benzene, SRC, wine fermentation extract, licorice, light can effectively lead to skin aging body of free radicals, protection caused by the external factors on the skin damage, delay the loss of collagen of the skin, and help cutin metabolism, promote and bright color of skin, effectively restrain melanin formation, but also has the effect of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant. Ampoules are the essence of high concentration, contains effective factor, the active ingredient, strong permeability, can recover skin to best state in the shortest time. The bright essence of the muscle peptide of pure milk, cosmetics factory in wenzhou small make up just tried, just know it's strong, after use, your skin feels very relaxed, is not greasy, but also absorb quickly, especially suitable for use in the summer. Ann bottle contains essence skin cream 13 times, continuous use, skin will improve whitening, pale spot problem. Ann bottle how to use, the effect is best? Ampoules are single skin care products, has a different effect, when buying to choose according to their skin condition. Ampoules are in use after cleansing and toning, can supplement the emulsion has better effect to use. Ampoules are points of use day and night, half a bottle of each use. But every time to burn ampoules take good save, cosmetics factory in wenzhou recommend best kept in the fridge. If is oily skin, ampoules can match light moisturizing essence. The use, skin will be more ampoules whitening, improve the color spot.
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