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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-29
Skin cosmetics processing factory has summer skin care knowledge < p> 2018 - cosmetics processing cosmetics manufacturer 08 - 18 18:02:25 < / p> 1, prevent bask in a lot of people know need sunscreen in summer, because summer is particularly strong ultraviolet ray, can cause a lot of damage to the skin. At this time we need a sunscreen to add a layer of skin to resist uv protective layer, cosmetics factory in wenzhou, said summer to avoid in the uv rays at 10 PM to 3 PM to go out, if you want to go out, be sure to wear sunscreen and wear sunscreen. Best sunscreen to half an hour to go out in the exposed parts of the face, back and upper limbs daub, best go out carry spray, is to use every three hours. But with appliance is prevented bask in masks, prevent bask in a sleeve, prevent bask in neck, sun hat, etc. 2, filling water hot summer weather can cause a lot of sweat, so filling water is the key, particularly for dry skin. Skin filling water at ordinary times can use moisturizing, moisturizing spray. Listen to cosmetics processing factory, the summer skin lacks water, into the autumn skin easily sensitive, so summer must hydrating. More than 3 summer skin, clean the oil, pore is easy to get bigger, at the same time the dust outside, so the skin more easily add dirt, clogged pores. And pore blockage can easily cause blackheads, acne and other issues. Summer, therefore, it is very important to clean the skin, clean the skin and to keep clear of the pores, usually use cleanser and cleansing mask. Cosmetics processing manufacturers recommend a amino acid cleanser, mildly remove skin dirt, foam stability of extremely rich and smooth and elastic, smooth after washing, pure and fresh and natural, not tight. 4, prevent spot parsing cosmetics factory in wenzhou, summer is also aggravate the splash. Summer should pay attention to inhibit the formation of melanin, prevent the formation of new spots. In addition to insist on spot product, prevent bask in work also nots allow to ignore. Have a friend spots it is best to use high SPF sunblock and whitening essence, avoid to an activity, had better wear sunscreen appliance while going out. The hot weather, the skin will be sweating a lot, do you feel with facial skin care products with sweat, finally up less than the effect of skin care. As a skin care cosmetics factory in wenzhou small make up talent, to tell you that summer skin care. Hot summer weather, the face is sweat or contaminated by dust, ultraviolet strongly in summer at the same time, so the summer cleanser, moisturizing spray, lotions and sunscreens and also cannot lack.
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