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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-30
Introduces a feed province food and drug administration held a special cosmetics processing enterprise can < p> 2018 - cosmetic processing 08 - 21 17:54:45 < / p> 16, high-risk cosmetics processing enterprises in guangdong province rectification of a kick-off meeting for hotel in wenzhou baiyun meeting hall, issued at the meeting issued by the renovation scheme for preventing high-risk cosmetics production enterprises in guangdong province special notice, since then begin the province high-risk cosmetics production enterprise special treatment. The state food and drug administration drug supervision department chief li nan, LuoWenZhi, deputy director of the guangdong food and drug administration Fang Hong tian, guangdong food and drug administration Guo Changmao director, regulators from the municipal, district, guangdong province, cosmetics, industry association of guangdong province representative present at the meeting. The meeting over & other; Risk management & throughout; , analysis of the current cosmetic processing regulatory problems, and the full deployment of a domestic risky cosmetics production renovation work. Meetings are three agenda. First of all, made a rectification action mobilization speech director li nan, cosmetics processing enterprise risk management work, put forward three requirements. First, continue to strengthen the risk management, ensure the effective supervision work. Li nan department chief said, in recent years, guangdong cosmetics regulatory departments closely around security objectives, seriously implement the State Council's & other; The four most strict & throughout; Requirements, has been actively explore scientific and efficient mode of supervision, strengthen the cosmetics hidden perils in the risk of production and operation enterprises, enterprise's exposure rate increasing irregularity, cosmetics safety greatly ascend. Hope all regulatory departments to further intensify supervision of guangdong province, and equipped with, continue to explore practical scientific and effective risk supervision mode, optimizing the regulatory process, strengthen the education of the laws and regulations of the enterprise, to urge enterprises to carry out the main body responsibility, effective prevention and control risk. Second, problems of awareness, pay attention to the risk of production source. On the other hand, also want to clear understanding to some enterprises to carry out the principal responsibility is not enough, still exist production source to solve the problems of risk remains. Main show is: cosmetics production main body consciousness and the ability of quality management; The illegal production risk of the enterprise is still very prominent; Part of enterprise production management system is flawed, individual and even serious defects, lead to illegal add the phenomenon such as banned substances such as hormones, antibiotics and heavy metal problem.
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