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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-26
Cosmetics OEM processing fine work introduces a man skin care considerations < p> cosmetics processing 2018 - 08 - 30 17:55:36 < / p> now more and more boys began to notice to maintain the skin, but not a lot of boys to girls so skin care knowledge, sometimes stepped on skin care myth also don't know, cause skin maintains does not reach the designated position. Cosmetics processing remind the boy, at the time of skin care to avoid the following skin care myth, or use protect skin to taste more also useless. Myth 1. After washing a face with a towel directly face many boys very casually, every time after washing a face dry with a towel, in fact this approach to wash a face is very hurt the skin. Towels will leave scratch after clean face, many bacteria will stay in scratch, these bacteria can cause significant damage to skin. If face a blain blain, it is easy to rub, blain blain is which will hurt the skin blood capillary, etc. , leave a scar. After the right approach: wash hands, both hands holds water to the face, at the same time, in the face with her hands, rub the garbage removal of the face, then gently with a clean soft towel on the face, the face of the water. Cosmetics processing stick a card to remind the boy, at the time of skin care to avoid the following skin care. Erroneous zone 2. Directly in the morning, wash a face with water generally boys think evening wash face with the scrub clean finished after the morning just wash a face with clear water. Actually this is also a myth, after a night of metabolism of skin, the sweat, sebum secretion, has aged cutin fall off; In addition, there are also many mite on the pillow, bed sheet, dust and other garbage pollutes the face, so in the face in the morning is also very dirty, this let us pay attention to clean the face in the morning. Myth 3. After washing a face not besmear protects skin to taste a lot of boys in immediately after cleansing with little or no use protect skin to taste, wait until when you go to use protect skin to taste, actually this is also a myth. We have natural sebum membrane to protect the skin, the skin will feel dry, tight after washing a face. And natural sebum membrane can be in 1 - After washing a face can form 2 hours, so we should use skin care products as soon as possible, so form a protective layer, keep skin balance sebum secretion. Myth. Oily skin deep clean skin boys than girls every day a little thicker, but some guys will use everyday grind arenaceous cream, deep clean face film, chamfer simple product, such as deep cleaning products, in order to achieve the goal of the face clean. Boys can't actually use deep cleaning every day, it will hurt the skin. 3 - deep clean things Have to use a 5 days, after aging cutin removal, skin needs moisture complement, then with moderate moisturizing disposable mask is the most safe.
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